Fast-Track your Adobe Expertise with Experience League

by Adobe Communications Team

posted on 10-23-2018

“Skill and confidence are an unconquered army.” — George Herbert

Learning any new software can be challenging. Even after the initial training, there may be a lot to learn and you may not know where to start or who to ask for help.

You’re not alone. In MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte’s most recent study of digital business, 90 percent of individuals report needing to frequently develop their skills, but only 34 percent say they get support from their organization to do so.

When it comes to learning Adobe Experience Cloud, you can expect a different experience. Unlike any other guided learning program out there, our Experience League enablement program is uniquely tailored to your individual needs — and free for everyone. From thoughtful recommendations on what content will best meet your personal learning goals, to the ability to tap into a community of peers and one-to-one support, every aspect of Experience League is designed to help you speed your mastery of Adobe Experience Cloud.

You have personalized goals — we make sure you meet them

Your role, your organization’s specific goals, and your previous experience all define what your learning journey will look like. You may not need to start at square one or even twelve. You may need to zig while others zag. With our intelligently guided learning recommendations that use AI, machine learning, and Adobe Analytics, we not only get it — we deliver it.

When you first join Experience League, you’ll be asked to create a profile. Based on the role, experience level, learning preferences, and industry interests you select, you’ll receive personalized recommendations. For example, if you select that you’re a beginner interested in learning about campaign management, you’ll receive recommendations for specific learning courses on your dashboard that will help you expand your campaign management expertise. No one will have the same view as you because your learning role, experience level, and interests are unique to you.

Not only the right content, but the best content for you

One of the most overwhelming aspects of trying to develop additional skills can be figuring out where to start or which learning modules are right for the skills you’re trying to develop. You don’t have time to waste on the wrong content, but when there are hundreds of on-demand videos, webinars, and guides available, picking the ones with the highest value for your needs can be challenging.

Experience League solves this problem. In addition to using the information provided in your profile and other data collected about your activity on the platform, Experience League carefully curates the best content for you. Users can vote on the usefulness of content, and we use this feedback to constantly update our recommendations so you always get the most valuable pieces of content.

We also keep learning guides to a reasonable, digestible length. This means that we keep most of our videos under two hours, we only recommend four-to-six pieces of content for each business essential, and you can save progress and resume at a later point in time.

A community of peers unlike any other

Intelligently guided personalized learning is highly valuable, but so is being able to rely upon 150,000 of your peers for their experiences and expertise. When you use the community within Experience League, you get just that — a community of peers who can help you get the answers you need right away. Think of Community as the difference between waiting in line to get your questions answered like you would with a support ticket, and being able to tap your friend on the shoulder and get an answer right when you need it.

When Sharon, a member of Experience League’s Community, needed help with how to give users access to a specific report suite in Adobe Analytics, she queried the Community. She asked for “step-by-step help” on how to perform this function. Within hours, another Community member, Pratheep, posted step-by-step instructions. Shortly after, a second posting by an Adobe Analytics support consultant confirmed Partheep’s instructions were correct. The support consultant also posted a link to Adobe’s official documentation of the process for further help.

In another situation, a user posted about an issue with flickering on first page visits. Five other Community members chimed into the discussion, with one user providing a simple coding hack he had written specifically to eliminate the flickering issue. Problem solved.

The value of getting these types of community answers is priceless. Not only can peer insight speed your learning journey, you also have the opportunity to share your own knowledge with others.

Need one-to-one help? Quickly find it

Sometimes you have an urgent issue or a complex problem that requires the help of experts. Within Experience League, you can now easily find and reach out to our team of support specialists, consultants, or partners with just one or two clicks.

The experience you need — to create the experiences your customers want

Deeply learning and understanding how to get the most value from Adobe Experience Cloud isn’t easy. But neither is creating a great customer experience. With Experience League, we’ve made it easier to achieve success on both fronts.

Everything you need to achieve mastery is available within Experience League. And it’s not just about learning more features, but about delivering value and empowering you through an intelligently tailored experience of self-guided, social, and one-to-one support. Put in the time and effort to master our products and solutions in Experience League and you’ll become an expert at creating amazing customer experiences.

Topics: Digital Transformation

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