Illustrator and InDesign Font Packs

30 days of free Adobe font packs.

by Wayne Hoang

posted on 10-23-2018

As a Creative Cloud member, you have access to 14,000+ fonts. From elegant scripts for formal occasions, to playful handwriting fonts for personality, to practical web fonts for screen design, it’s all part of the extensive font library.

We want to help you find the right font for your project, so over the next 30 days, we’ll be releasing a new collection of fonts from prominent font foundries to help you with your current and upcoming projects.

“Build a Brand” Font Pack

October 15Make Headlines, Build a Brand

October 16Wayfinding Font Pack

October 17Jolly Holiday Pack*

October 18The Resistance Pack

October 19The Way Back Pack

October 20Fonts Across America

October 21Hungry Diner Menu Pack*

October 22It’s all in the Ai

October 23Presentation Pack

October 24Fonts for Creative People

October 25Colorful Web Banners*

October 26Design Foundations

October 27Movie Poster Font Pack

October 28Fonts by Women

October 29Wellness Studio Pack

October 30Cocktail Pack

October 31Halloween Fonts

November 1Wanderlust Travel Brochure*

November 2High Contrast Pack

November 3 – For Documentation with Adobe Live

November 4 – Lost & Found with Adobe Live

November 5 – InDesign Layout Love

November 6 – Fonts for Change

November 7 – Productivity Infographics Pack*

November 8 – I Love Sans

November 9 – Band Poster Font Pack

November 10 – Retro Glamping Font Pack

November 11 – Holiday Party

November 12 – By the Numbers

November 13 – International Business Essentials

*Free Adobe Stock templates included!

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