Premiere Rush CC Solves the Content Velocity Needs of Experience Businesses

by Mala Sharma

posted on 10-24-2018

As technology becomes increasingly accessible, there’s a greater opportunity for people to become creators than ever before. Camera phones are becoming more powerful and cloud platforms are making it possible to create anywhere — it’s a great time to be a storyteller — especially a video storyteller.

Over the last few years, video has rapidly grown and dwarfed other content that is being shared and consumed. Consumers have an insatiable appetite for more content; the number of digital video viewers in the U.S. is projected to surpass 236 million by the year 2020, according to Statista.

Case in point: I recently spent an afternoon with my eight-year-old nephew, who expressed interest in starting a YouTube channel to share his Fortnite tips and tricks. He said, “Auntie, I have to build a YouTube channel because then I’ll become famous and create a portfolio to get accepted into Stanford someday.” Clearly, not all eight-year-olds know about Stanford or are thinking about ways to get in to college. I can only speculate that having an aunt working in Silicon Valley has colored his thinking!

Nevertheless, my nephew’s interest speaks to a broader interest in video content creation. One only need visit VidCon, the annual online video and digital creators conference, once to get a sense of the broad interest in video creation. And Adobe is committed to giving this whole new wave of online video creators the right tools for content creation.

A project created on one device in Premiere Rush CC can be published from another with a consistent user experience across phone, tablet and desktop.

Last week at Adobe MAX, we added a brand-new application to our video family to give individuals and businesses the edge they need to stand out. Whether you’re a social media manager, a marketer or even in sales, content creators now don’t have to be video, color, audio or graphic experts to publish professional-looking videos – because Premiere Rush CC takes care of it all. Rush opens new doors for individual content creators and businesses to bring their ideas to life effectively and efficiently.

Take VICE Media, a large enterprise whose consumers are hungry for content, specifically video content. Media companies like VICE are operating in a 24/7 coverage environment and are under pressure to create, distribute and promote original content worldwide faster than their competitors.

Over the summer, VICE’s UK office participated in a Rush beta in person learning and competitive event we call a Creative Jam. The VICE team used Rush to edit their projects and validated the potential Rush offers businesses. “We’re really excited about Adobe Rush,” said Tim Bertioli, VP, International Operations at VICE. “The idea of an application that can make us faster to market and make more content is a game changer for us.”

The VICE UK team beta tested Premiere Rush CC to edit their projects during a Creative Jam.

During the Creative Jam event, VICE’s team discovered that Rush enables anyone to produce and publish video. It isn’t limited to video-savvy professionals alone. Creators have the ability to capture footage in the field, piece their story together and publish it straight to social platforms.

Whether you’re a social media manager, a marketer or even in sales, content creators now don’t have to be video, color, audio or graphic experts to publish professional-looking videos — because Rush takes care of it all.

Premiere Rush CC automatically optimizes all of your content for social media platforms-including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Behance.

Enterprises concerned with managing the brand identity and experience as they democratize content creation to functional teams outside their creative studio team can create Motion Graphics templates that are both approved and on brand, to ensure the creations by social media marketers and other departments follow approved brand guidelines. Also, since Rush is fully compatible with Premiere Pro, creators can start work on a project in Rush, and then hand it off to a video professional for final tweaking and publishing in Premiere Pro.

In short, everyone can benefit from Rush’s simple, yet powerful all-in-one video creation experience. A number of industries—from real estate to education—can leverage the power of Rush to develop video content — the opportunities are truly limitless!

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