Contributor Spotlight: Rosa Maglione AKA More Profesh

by Adobe UK Team

Posted on 10-25-2018

Rosa Maglione, also known as More Profesh, is an Interaction designer based in the United States. She got her start in web and UI/UX design and has adapted her passions and skills into the world of templates. With a focus on human-centred design, More Profesh has concentrated on leaving her personal mark on Adobe Stock. Her work spans from inspiring resumes, creative business cards, to fun mockups across InDesign CC, Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC. We were able to talk with More Profesh about her inspirations, work process and design approach.

AS: Can you tell us a little bit about your background in design?

MP: I went to school for Interaction Design and graduated in 2005. So, I mostly focused on designing user experiences for the web. It’s been fun following the web and its ever-changing technologies for over a decade. I get excited thinking about the design possibilities that will open up with virtual and augmented reality on the horizon. While most of the work I did was web and UX-focused, I was able to flex my visual design muscles a bit more at my last job. I worked closely with my Creative Director at the time, who has extensive experience in more traditional Graphic Design and print work, and I owe a lot of my visual design growth to her. Thanks to her patience and direction, I improved significantly as a designer.

AS: Where did your name More Profesh stem from?

MP: More Profesh is the name of my side project. I created a series of resume templates with the aim to help people land their dream jobs. The name More Profesh takes a jab at what it means to be “professional.” I’ve always bristled a bit at the idea of traditional professionalism. The resume templates I designed were meant to be non-traditional, fun, and attract employers that “get it.” I started this side project when my husband began his job search and I found myself giving him unsolicited feedback on his resume layout (haha). I’ve always had a knack for organising information and making content easier to digest visually, so that’s how the idea to start More Profesh came about. It was also my first time exploring getting into the templates space and attempting to make a side income.

Click the image to download More Profesh’s Modern Resume Layout Kit.

AS: What is your creative process?

MP: I’ll be honest, some days, I stare at the screen and feel incredible fear inside. I’ve recently learned how important it is to show myself compassion and have made huge strides in overcoming these negative and counterproductive thoughts and behaviours. It hasn’t always been easy, but one big lesson I’ve learned is that motivation won’t always be there, so I try not to rely on it. Instead, I think of ways to reframe my fears. Sometimes it helps to journal about them to quiet the negative voices. These days, I just focus on showing up. Even when I feel afraid. Even when I have zero motivation. Even when I feel like an impostor. So, what is my creative process? Showing up and getting started. I can always figure things out as I go.

AS: What gives you inspiration?

MP: I’m usually inspired by observing the ways design is applied off the screen. In interiors, in physical products, architecture, food, signage. Though, in my experience, the best inspiration comes from immersing myself in a new environment or culture, usually through travels. When I allow myself time to recharge away from the screen, I find that I come back full of ideas and inspiration.

AS: How has Adobe Stock and template creation changed the way you approach creative design?

MP: I think it’s opened new possibilities of creative problem solving. It has also been humbling to learn how many people get value out of my templates. It’s rewarding to know I’ve helped people land a job with a resume template, for instance. I’ve gotten a lot of value out of templates myself, especially for mocking up design work. I love how easy it is to sync and download templates from the Adobe Stock platform into my CC apps. I didn’t get to experience the creative freedom that comes with designing templates when I was freelancing with clients or working for an employer. It’s liberating to get to explore new design styles and see my creative vision through from start to finish.

Click the image to download More Profesh’s Mint Business Card Layout.

AS: What is a typical day for you, and what keeps you motivated?

MP: A typical day for me starts with a morning ritual of preparing myself a cup of green tea and enjoying a hearty smoothie for breakfast. This sets me up to have a good morning. Then I like to make a list of my priorities for the day before I get started working. While I don’t like to rely on motivation, I find that setting and reviewing goals has been a game-changer for me. It’s easy to lose sight of the things I want to accomplish and having a system to review my goals has been crucial in making continual progress on the things that matter most to me.

AS: Best tunes for getting into a creative flow?

MP: These days I tend to work in silence. Boring, I know. But when I’m in the mood for music, anything by St. Vincent or Beach House is always good. Or if I’m feeling extra festive and need a screen break, I’ve got a playlist of salsa music from the ‘70s and ‘80s. I sometimes take a dance break when no one’s watching.

AS: Where do you see your design going in the next 5-10 years?

MP: Designers are in a unique position to make anything they want. I see myself embracing new technologies to continue solving problems for others with design. I also have an app idea I’d love to see through.

Click the image to download More Profesh’s Hand-drawn Icons for Stories.

AS: Any words of wisdom can you share with creative people who are interested in becoming template designers?

MP: Create something of value for others. Ask questions like: What problems can I solve for people with a template? Is there a target market that needs something I have the skills to make? How can I help others with my template?

See more of More Profesh’s on Adobe Stock.

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