Create Your Own Paws-itively Meownificent GIFs

Celebrate National Cat Day with Adobe Creative Cloud.

by The Creative Cloud Team

posted on 10-29-2018

It’s the meowment we’ve all been waiting for — that glorious day when we can share endless pictures of cats without any judgement. (Not that we ever do). Today is National Cat Day, and if you’re a cat person, you might be saying, “every day is cat day.” And you’d be right. Because if anyone who knows anything, they know that cats rule the world. (Or at least, they think they do.)

But let’s be honest. We all know some dog people or — heaven forbid — non-pet people. To those people we say, “Paw-lease!” Nothing looks better strutting across a feed than the meownificent feline purr-suasion. (Sorry. Did you not come here for cat puns? You might be in the wrong place.)

Bored Cat via Giphy

On this National Cat Day and in honor of cats everywhere, we charge you to create cat GIFs and Memes galore! #AdobeCattitude

Cats jumping on things. Cats falling off things. Even cats throwing shade, which we all know they are very adept at. Whatever your cat’s specialty, let it be known. Don’t have a cat? Don’t worry. That does not exclude you from sharing the love.

Never made a GIF or Meme and need some quick guidance? We’ve got you covered. In the name of cats.

Cat Memes that amp up the workplace

Let’s face it, It hasn’t been a productive day in the office until someone sends a cat meme – and it’s super easy to make your own cat meme in Photoshop. Simply choose your favorite funny cat photo using Adobe Stock, size your document for the web, add your text using Impact font, and finish it off with a bold outline – boom. Meme game, strong.

Cat Kitty via Giphy

Making a GIF from a series of photos or a video is a tried and true way to showcase your gorgeous cat. Or your friend’s cat. Or your grandma’s cat(s)…you get the idea.

Just import the photos or video into separate layers in Adobe Photoshop. Create a frame animation, then set it to loop, and voila! GIF BABY.

GIFs of fully animated feline purrfection

What if you’d like to turn some of your furry illustrations and designs into GIFs? Import your Adobe Illustrator, and you can create an animation in Photoshop using timeline panel. This gives you the ability to adjust the duration of each frame, create as many thumbnails as you need for the animation to look the way you’d like, and loop to create your GIF. You can even sync different pieces of the animation as shown in this tutorial with Nick Stokes.

So, bust out your design cattitude. It’s time to break the internet with cuteness. It’s time to leave everyone feline good. It’s time to leave a trail of kittens across social media for all to see. It’s time to convince everyone that cats need homes, too. And they will happily take over yours.

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Fat Cat by Aliona Halimonchuk

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