Adobe Sign Brings Scale, Efficiency, and Transformation to Novozymes

Image courtesy of Novozymes.

by Maria Mihajlovic

posted on 11-05-2018

Enzymes aren’t top-of-mind for most people, but these powerful little proteins play a mega role in our lives. Not only do they make life itself possible, enzymes produce some of life’s greatest pleasures — bread, cheese, and beer, to name a few. They are also essential in industrial manufacturing of everything from textiles and detergents to biofuels.

As the largest supplier of enzymes to manufacturers, Novozymes runs a complex business. The company continually seeks to protect intellectual property, comply with regulations, and bring on valuable research talent — all processes that require fast, reliable contract handling. Aiming to streamline contract management and increase operational efficiency, Novozymes recently adopted Adobe Sign, part of Adobe Document Cloud.

Using Adobe Sign, the legal department generates 300 confidentiality and distribution agreements each year, which can be up to 120 pages long and require multiple signatures. No more printing, scanning, signing, and sending. Just a simple, automated, fully digital process with Adobe Sign that offers the security and traceability Novozymes needs to comply with regulations.

The value is obvious to Claus Michael Andersen, Senior Manager in the Legal Department at Novozymes. “Once you sign in an Adobe Sign workflow, you won’t want to use the cumbersome wet ink signature process again,” he says.

Activating stronger bonds with key talent

Researchers at Novozymes drive the business forward by discovering promising new enzymes and finding ways to produce them at scale. To fill these crucial research roles and other positions, the HR department sources candidates from throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Bringing these people on board quickly and smoothly is mission critical.

With Adobe Sign, a contract completion process that often took a month now takes two days on average — a 93% reduction. The solution makes it easy for HR to spin up job offers and employment contracts, select region-specific templates, and coordinate signatures. Automated reminders keep the process on track.

“Adobe Sign freed time previously spent administering contracts to allow us to focus on hiring and supporting employees throughout the company,” says Anne Agergaard Pøhls, Talent Attraction and Recruitment Specialist at Novozymes. “The automated process creates a better first impression among data scientist candidates and new employees who expect innovation and immediacy.”

A catalyst for change

Novozymes has already deployed Adobe Sign across 1,400 document workflows, resulting in dramatically faster processes and lower costs — and triggering a chain of adoption throughout the company. As Andersen points out, “There’s no better educational tool for us to gain acceptance for e-signatures than doing a demonstration of how fast and easy the process is.”

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