Acxiom Improves Contract Workflows for Clients, Partners, and Employees

by Lisa Hanna

posted on 11-06-2018

Developing a 360-degree profile of a customer and delivering better experiences based on their wants and needs requires lots and lots of data. Businesses want to understand what customers buy, what content they interact with, how they navigate, what demographics make up audiences, and more. Acxiom helps companies navigate these challenges by delivering a rich, compliant source of data to marketers, helping them create more effective campaigns and experiences.

The company understands how much every interaction matters to customers—especially its own. That’s why Acxiom decided to improve its document and contract experience by deploying an e-signature solution for sales, partner, and employee contracts.

For its clients, Acxiom uses Adobe Sign to deliver easy to use electronic contracts and e-signatures to complete change requests when the scope or requirements of projects change. These documents are critical because work can’t resume until they’re complete. By combining a simple contract with reliable electronic delivery, Acxiom and its clients can focus on the work and not documents.

To help create accurate contracts, integrations with Salesforce and Conga automatically populate customer data into contracts, which are sent to appropriate parties via Adobe Sign. Once signed and returned, Adobe Sign records are stored within Salesforce, in case they need to be reviewed, amended, resent, or cancelled.

Using integrations between Adobe Sign and Workday, Acxiom’s HR department is also making sure employment contracts are completed correctly, as well as returned and processed in a timely fashion. All of these efforts help Acxiom onboard employees effectively, so when they show up for day one they can get right to work.

With thousands of legal transactions across the company, Acxiom sees lots of opportunity to use e-signatures. Anywhere resources or signoff is needed globally reveals an opportunity to build a better experience or build efficiency for the company.

“Throughout the company, Adobe Sign delivers value,” says Lissa Hess, Platform Manager, Corporate Application and Data Services at Acxiom. “Adobe gives our clients, partners, and new employees a smoother, faster onboarding experience, while integration efficiencies with Salesforce, Conga, and Workday free our teams to serve clients, hire critical talent, and grow the business.”

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