Come and Get It ~ Greyscalegorilla’s Happy Toolbox Adventure Pack Arielle Karpowicz

by Adobe UK Team

Posted on 11-13-2018

At the Adobe MAX this year, we were excited to have Nick Campbell from Greyscalegorilla as a featured speaker and guest. You may remember Nick from the amazing tutorial he gave on using Adobe Stock 3D assets in Dimension CC, or for his participation in a livestream event to get creatives up-to-speed on all the amazing work that Greyscalegorilla and Adobe are doing with 3D content, tools and design. As a follow-up to the conference, the two of us got together with Happy Toolbox and decided to do something truly amazing for all the artists out there who are eager to explore the exciting world of 3D design.

We’ve created a brand new array of 3D assets built just for you – The Happy Toolbox Adventure Collection! Have you ever wished you could go camping without experiencing some of the downsides (like mosquito bites or the lack of at-home comforts)? Have you ever wanted to roast some hotdogs over a campfire but just can’t find the time to get away? Well, we are here to help. The Adventure Collection consists of 36 3D models created just to light a fire under those long-dormant outdoor exploration vibes, and they are only available on Adobe Stock or directly through Greyscalegorilla and the folks at Happy Toolbox. So, dive in, explore and enjoy the art of adventure without leaving the comfort of your own home.

And don’t forget, you can also mix and match your 3D environment by visiting a few of the other collections available on Adobe Stock and those previously created by Greyscalegorilla and Happy Toolbox.

Clouds Collection & Trees Collection

Architecture Collection & Food Collection

For more information on Nick Campbell and Greyscalegorilla, visit our Adobe Stock 3D tutorial in Create Magazine or Nick’s Contributor Spotlight interview.

Come on design enthusiasts, it’s time to get out there and have the adventure of your (3D) life!

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