Taylor’s University Creates Personalized Experiences for All Students

by Adobe Communications Team

posted on 11-16-2018

When young consumers today aim to make a purchase or choose a service, they don’t just look to brand leaders. These sophisticated consumers use the full power of the Internet to research brands, what they do, and what they stand for. They’re looking for brands that deliver not just great products and services, but brands where they feel a strong connection and potential for a deeper brand relationship.

Taylor’s University, one of the oldest private universities in Malaysia, understands that this need for a deeper brand connection also extends to education. Young people don’t just want to know what classes Taylor’s University offers. They want to know about what their lifestyle will be like, who they will be interacting with, and how Taylor’s University will provide opportunities to jumpstart their careers.

“Our brand is really thinking about personalized experiences because every student is different,” says Yew Vern Chooi, Head of Digital and Technology at Taylor’s University. “We need to go deep into each student and help them carve their educational journey.”

Taylor’s University decided to deploy Adobe Experience Cloud to help understand students and deliver personalized experiences at scale. Adobe Analytics, part of Adobe Analytics Cloud, delivers insight into students by digging deep into consumer behaviors across multiple channels. Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Target, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, help the university quickly create personalized experiences at scale.

“The biggest challenge around personalization has always been scalability of the one-to-one experiences,” says Chooi. “Adobe helped to bring all of our systems together into one platform and unify the experience.”

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Topics: Digital Transformation, Personalization

Products: Analytics, Experience Manager, Target