One Year of Ten Mincho: Colorful Updates and Ten Mincho Text

Image source: Adobe / Ryoko Nishizuka

by Sally Kerrigan

posted on 11-19-2018

One year past the initial release, Adobe Chief Type Designer Ryoko Nishizuka has expanded on the Ten Mincho family with a new text typeface to add to its editorial potential — and introduces 32 new SVG color glyphs for a bit of Ten’s characteristic mischief.

Ten Mincho is an expressive typeface with many of the dynamic characteristics of handwritten characters, best used as a display font at larger headline sizes. Ten Mincho Text offers a variation on the kana characters, which Ryoko designed to be more appropriate for longer text.

Ten Mincho Text is drawn with a slightly restrained style compared to Ten Mincho, which makes for smoother reading when the contents are more densely arranged, as for editorial settings.

Sun, snow marten, and more hidden SVG color glyphs in the Ten Mincho and Ten Mincho Text fonts.

Ryoko has also expanded on Ten Mincho, with 32 new SVG color glyphs, including four martens (available as alternates for the kanji 貂), the 12 animals of the zodiac, and a handful of other fun additions.

Ten Mincho Text and Ten Mincho are available with all paid Creative Cloud subscriptions.

Topics: Creativity, Typography

Products: InDesign, Creative Cloud, XD