The Limitless Opportunities of Experience-Driven Commerce

by Mark Lavelle

posted on 11-19-2018

There’s never been a more exciting time to be in commerce. Whether you’re a consumer brand or a manufacturer, whether you sell to millennials on Instagram or procurement officers, there’s never been a more perfect storm of change — or a more perfect confluence of opportunities to seize.

Digital technologies of every kind have now reached consumers and business people on every continent. Pervasive use of this technology has reset people’s expectations of how they engage with the world around them. Your customers’ expectations of your company are now higher than ever. As consumers or as business buyers we demand immersive, personalized and seamless experiences no matter where, when or how we choose to transact. We want incredibly relevant interactions without sacrificing privacy. We want consistently high quality and value-added engagements that map to our preferences. And we want you to recognize us, whether we’re in-store or online, on our mobile devices or at our desktops. In short, we expect our interactions in the digital world to be like our interpersonal relations in the physical world.

These new customer dynamics provide challenges and opportunities for companies of every size. And for businesses feeling overwhelmed by all this, the good news is, there are powerful and robust digital capabilities easily accessible to supercharge your business.

Winning the customer journey

Ultimately, digital technology shifts the competitive focus for companies in every industry. Every experience a customer has with another business changes what they expect from your business. In a flash, innovation in one sector can reshape another sector. So, it’s no longer just about delivering the best products or services with the best combination of cost, quality and convenience. Now, the race is on to deliver the best overall experience across the full customer journey from experience creation through to delivery and repeat purchase.

The path to the customer is more varied and complex than ever. There are more business models and channels than ever. Your customers live in a digital world — 24/7, always on, no weekends, no time off, no store hours, no holidays. Your brand has to be there. You have to be ready. This is where the future will be won and lost in terms of commerce. It is what digital transformation is all about.

While there are myriad categories of customer service and experience solutions on the market today — from display advertising to CRM, customer intelligence, web content management etc. — the burden of orchestrating these solutions has historically fallen on companies.

Magento + Adobe: Bringing the vision of experience-driven commerce to life

Now is the time to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. To deliver highly relevant experiences,, you need to bring together the right combination of data, insights, and content to address what matters for your customers, and repeatedly prove value to keep the journey moving in the right direction. Now, the race is on to become an experience business. For the first time, companies can take a holistic view of how they engage with customers through every moment of interaction, over the lifetime of their customer relationship.

This vision of experience-driven commerce is what inspired Adobe and Magento to join forces. Together, Adobe and Magento have everything you need to make every moment personal and every experience shoppable. Whatever your vision is for your business, whether you sell to consumers or businesses or both, our job is to help you deliver amazing experiences across the board. That’s always been a part of Magento’s mission, and it’s something we’re more dedicated to now than ever as part of Adobe.

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