Cyril Reinhard’s Love Story with Adobe

by Adobe Life Team

Posted on 11-21-2018

When Cyril Reinhard first joined Adobe France in 2006, he was developing his career from an account manager to a business development manager. He was part of company for six years before he left to pursue other opportunities. Today, Cyril is back at Adobe as a senior partner sales manager, having been here since 2017. These “boomerang” stories are not so uncommon here, but the way Cyril puts it—it’s always been a love of the brand that’s brought him to Adobe.

What initially drew you to join Adobe then and what drew you to come back?

The reason I came back is the same reason I first decided to join Adobe. In short, I’ve always considered Adobe a love story for me. At the start of my career, I was a developer in artificial intelligence. After 5 years of experiences with software companies, me and a business partner founded a company that specialized in Adobe PDF technologies. From the beginning, with Postscript, Adobe was so innovative. And in 2006, my business partner and I joined the Adobe France team.

I always saw Adobe as visionary and I admired that greatly. When I eventually left in 2012, it was the beginning of digital marketing and the move to the cloud for Adobe. When I decided to join again, Adobe was back on the map, showing businesses that our solutions are one of the best in the market. We have a unified platform and there’s no other company in the world that handles digital media and digital marketing solutions like us. I had to be part of that story again.

What makes your experience at Adobe France unique?

Our beautiful accents! But really, it’s the relationships with people here. And that extends to the customers I work with, too. We’re a people company, and we are growing and becoming stronger together. This is surprisingly hard to find.

I see you have a background in computer science and artificial intelligence, but a lot of experience in sales and business development. Can you tell me about that ?

I’m starting to be a “senior” guy in the digital world with more than 25 years of experience in the software industry! I was as a developer, but my career was 50% as an entrepreneur and 50% as an employee. During my career, I performed many functions—from developer to solution consultant, sales, product marketing, manager, director and now partner sales manager. I like pursuing all my interests! I also volunteer and engage with early stage entrepreneurs. It is very important to share our experience with the younger generation.

Tell me about your current role now as a senior partner sales manager.

My main focus is managing human relationships, so in this role I need to be creative and team oriented. Our partners are key because they are our extended team and they amplify Adobe’s impact, influence and business. With them we create and execute a partner strategy to drive sales and build pipeline.

What do you believe Adobe provides you to succeed and feel supported?

Great people, training and wellness. You are surrounded by people who help you grow and you have all the resources you need to succeed. It’s amazing. Moreover, there are lot of initiatives for wellbeing at Adobe, such as free access to Headspace and wellness dollars!

I hear you are an active member of the Adobe & Women Employee Network. What has your involvement been like?

Yes, I’m really passionate about equality—gender, cultural, generational, skills, etc. There are still a lot of people that say the diversity problems we’re facing are gone. And while we have improved over the years, we need to do more. I’m a father of two girls (and third one will arrive in January!) and a little boy. I want to continue fighting for equality for them. That’s why I’m an ambassador for La Journée de la Femme Digitale and the Adobe & Women Employee Network. What I love about Adobe is that all women can be successful here and we care a lot about diversity and inclusion.

Cyril (far left) pictured above with his colleagues.

What would you say to people interested in joining Adobe?

You can develop your career and grow personally. You may have to take some risks, but you’re given the resources to succeed. We’re the best software company in the world and we’re only getting better. Not only that, we have amazing benefits for your personal wellbeing. Don’t wait to apply!

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