Trust But Verify — Why Trust Became The Top Priority For APAC Retailers

by The Adobe Blog team

posted on 12-06-2018

Today’s retailers are facing a juggling act. They’re trying to give customers personalized offers and experiences using the latest technology, to stand out in a globalized market — while also being respectful, transparent, and confidential, with the information that consumers choose to share.

While customer data is the key to providing personalized experiences, building and maintaining trust has become the number one priority for every retailer. Trust is critical to a company’s future success.

“I do believe we will come to an era where that control of our data becomes very important to us, and we will be very loyal in who is giving us the value exchange in respecting that,” says Marcy Larsen, APAC retail industry lead at Microsoft Australia.

The latest technology provides new algorithms and data sets — deep information that marketers can leverage to connect with customers with the promise for better personalization. Still, marketers must examine the ethics behind the data, and the data itself to ensure trust is built.

In a conversation about the new retail landscape in APAC, Marcy Larsen and Scott Rigby, head of digital transformation at Adobe, discuss how to prepare for a consumer world built on transparency, and the brands who are doing it successfully:

Watch the full conversation:

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