inMotionNow Integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud to Ignite Creativity

Increased productivity enables creatives to focus on design, not administrative tasks.

Image courtesy of inMotionNow.

by Minson Chen

posted on 12-10-2018

With skyrocketing demand for unique, one-of-a kind digital experiences across an increasing number of platforms and surfaces, as a designer you are under pressure to do more — and to do it faster. But creating quality, impactful deliverables takes time. We’ve found that typical creative content takes on average between 14 to 28 hours to produce, based on a recent 2018 Adobe survey. A recent inMotion/InSource report also found that creatives can spend up to one full day out of every week on administrative tasks — that’s time away from being creative. Your time is a precious commodity, and time on spent on administrative work, chasing creative briefs, consolidating feedback, and obtaining approvals, saps creative energy.

I recently had a chance to catch up with Alex Withers, CMO at creative workflow management software company inMotionNow. For the better part of 20 years inMotion has been hard at work helping in-house creative teams streamline creative workflows, from project intake through final deliverable. As the name suggests, it’s about keeping creative projects in motion to help designers meet growing demand from stakeholders without wasting too much time on tedious administrative tasks.

inMotionNow recently launched ignite, their brand-new creative collaboration platform. Alex explained that they built the platform from the ground up to meet the needs of today’s modern designer. inMotion ignite is a complete reimagining of creative workflow, built on the latest technology and rooted in the way today’s creative teams get work done. The new application has fewer walls, more collaboration features, and smartly crafted integrations that connect it to the tools creative and marketing teams rely on in their daily work, such as Adobe Creative Cloud. At the Adobe MAX Creativity Conference this fall, inMotionNow announced integration with Adobe Creative Cloud to help creative teams streamline production and collaboration with stakeholders.

inMotionNow’s integration with Adobe Creative Cloud enables designers to interact with people and projects through the entire process without leaving Creative Cloud, so there’s no more downloading and re-uploading assets into legacy systems or emailing files. Creatives can now send work out for review and check feedback without switching in and out of different tools. This saves time and helps teams get quality creative to market faster.

inMotion ignite connects to Adobe Creative Cloud apps through the inMotion Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud, a panel that runs in Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe InDesign CC, and Adobe Illustrator CC, and the inMotion XD plug-in that launches from Adobe XD CC’s plug-in menu.

inMotion Extension: Easily create and route proofs directly from within Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator.

inMotion XD plugin: Quickly share prototype files and links with reviewers without leaving XD.

Here’s a short video that shows how the inMotion extension works.

Zagg, a consumer electronics company that is best known for its line of protective coverings for electronics, InvisibleShield, is a customer of both inMotionNow and Adobe. They recently adopted InMotion ignite’s integration with Adobe Creative Cloud to increase efficiency and give their creative teams more time back to focus on creativity.

“inMotion ignite and Adobe Creative Cloud have made a really positive impact on our ability to collaborate across both functions and geographies,” says Erica Fresh, a creative project manager at Zagg. “Ignite saves time for both our project managers and our creatives by putting everything in one place and streamlining our workflows.”

For Erica’s team at Zagg, this means designers can focus on creative work. “Designers hate ‘shoulder tapping’ and having their work constantly interrupted when they are in the zone,” says Erica. “With the inMotion Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud, they are able to stay in their creative flow, and, when ready, check notifications right within their Adobe Creative Cloud app to take action.”

Here’s a look at some of the new features, and how you can gain hours back like the Zagg team.

Dynamic request intake

Streamlined collaborative project intake with dynamic forms means clients are more inclined to fill them out completely, and an interactive request dashboard allows requesters and designers to collaborate and get aligned in one central location.

Project templates and scheduling

Creative teams report that 70 percent of their requests and projects are repeatable, in that they call on both similar steps and team members. A system that can automate project templates and scheduling removes so much of that inefficient “recreating the wheel” when you really just want to be creating fresh content.

Routing and proof review directly from within Adobe Creative Cloud

You’ve created your first draft of an asset, and you want to get quick and meaningful feedback so you can edit and send the work for final approval. Now you can easily route work directly from Adobe Creative Cloud with a single click, using the inMotion extension and pre-built feedback routes!

End the chase for approvals, they come to you!

A centralized online proofing platform makes it easy for reviewers to provide actionable feedback. It brings transparency and clarity to improve and expedite the experience for creative teams and clients. Now feedback comes to you directly in the Adobe Panel via the inMotion extension, with live notifications when stakeholders submit feedback.

With this new integration, you can spend more time in your favorite Creative Cloud apps doing what you love doing, being creative, and a little less time on tedious but necessary administrative tasks you’d probably like to avoid.

Learn more about how your team and organization can benefit from inMotion ignite and the inMotion Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud. If you already have inMotion ignite, you can download the free extension from the Adobe Exchange marketplace here.

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