Capturing Touch and Tactility on Camera

by Adobe UK Team

Posted on 12-12-2018

As the world around us continues to become more and more digital, many of us are experiencing a craving for ‘real’ experiences, especially as we are heading into the winter season in the Northern hemisphere. The warmth of personal connections through hugs, chatter and joint activities with family or friends, and the sensory stimulations from textures like a pet’s fur, knitting a scarf or chopping wood for a fire – this is what the Adobe Stock visual trend ‘Touch and Tactility’ speaks to.

Brands and designers are looking for Adobe Stock assets that express genuine moments of human connection and embrace touchable, imperfect surfaces, textures, and crafts along with.

Image source: Mat Hayward / Adobe Stock

Photographer and Adobe Stock Contributor Evangelist Mat Hayward invited Adobe Stock Contributor Andy Dean to a small campsite on the Skagit River in Washington State to demonstrate how to shoot authentic stock content with the Touch and Tactility trend in mind.

Image source: Andy Dean / Adobe Stock.

If you are an Adobe Stock Contributor, how can you incorporate the Touch and Tactility trend into your work? Authenticity is key – your images should tell a story and capture people interacting with each other or being focused on a task.

Watch the full video to be transported back to the warmth of summer as Mat and Andy explain their approach to capturing the expressions of twenty somethings camping together, chopping wood, fishing, cooking over open fire and eating gooey marshmallows. Mat’s known for the sense of humour he brings to all his projects, so enjoy the rough education he gets from Andy when he veers off the path of authentic images and asks the models for the cliché ‘thumbs up’ pose.

Check out our curated gallery from the Kamp Karma photoshoot and submit your own images embracing our sense of touch to Adobe Stock today!

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