Megan Atchley’s Career & Improving Lives Through Technology

by Adobe Life Team

Posted on 12-13-2018

When you talk to Megan Atchley about her work with Health and Human Services (HHS) agencies, the first word that comes to mind is enthusiastic. She is a champion for improving the lives of our nation’s most vulnerable populations, as the HHS Practice Lead at Adobe. She delivers the tools, knowledge, and experience that enable agencies to better serve their communities through compelling, personal digital experiences.

Megan is drawn to her work because it allows her to contribute to her community on a broad scale. The HHS agencies she works with provide access to vital resources and services, whether it is food to eat or safe homes for at-risk children. By providing the tools HHS agencies need to be more efficient and effective, Megan is able to have a significant impact on the services they provide and the communities they serve.

Megan has been with Adobe for two years, applying her passion for service, her knowledge of public policy and her in-depth understanding of how technology can maximize both. She says Adobe has opened doors for her, allowing her to work with state and local HHS agencies throughout the United States. It offers her a vantage point to look at trends at a national level and make strategic decisions that help agencies keep up with the ever-changing expectations of the people they serve. She loves Adobe’s commitment to improving communities and making government services a priority.

Merging Government Experience and Technology

Prior to joining Adobe, Megan earned her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Baylor University. She began her career in the public sector working in the Texas State House of Representatives, drafting ideas into bills and guiding them through the legislative cycle. She then worked for the Texas Woman’s Healthcare Coalition, improving Health and Human Services support for women and children, and seeing her work directly improve lives. Much of the work she did as an advocate for women and children was hands on—working directly with constituents, registering voters, and participating in committee hearings.

Seeing the many ways technology could improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government service delivery, Megan pivoted her career from the public sector to become a liaison between government and the private sector. She understood the positive impact she could have on communities by building a bridge between commercial best practices and government processes. She began her effort working at Accenture, before moving to Adobe to scale her efforts throughout the US. She says she may not have a “boots on the ground” position anymore, but she can see the impact of Adobe’s efforts and how they improve lives at a national level.

A Lifelong Goal – Service to the Community

As a part of the public sector sales team, Megan sees herself as a source of industry best practices, helping to take the burden of process improvement off the shoulders of agency staff and leadership. She knows the communities, the policies, and the ways agencies work, and aligns Adobe solutions to improve services through personalization and automation. She stays committed to each of her clients throughout the implementation phase, ensuring the project scope meets their expectations, and helping them make the most of their new tools and procedures.

Megan is working right now to help HHS agencies address impacts of the nationwide opioid epidemic and the additional strain it causes on government services. The disastrous effects of the nationwide epidemic have reduced the number of eligible foster families, yet the number of children needing homes has increased. Megan is helping agencies reduce the time to enroll new foster families and to retain those that are recruited. She shows them how they can use Adobe and Microsoft technologies to locate, engage with, and onboard families. Once families are enrolled in the foster program, Adobe solutions provide engagement tools to help retain them as well.

Living the Dream

When asked what she loves to do, Megan says that she’s doing it. She loves that her job allows her to travel across the United States, and says she has wanted to help people and feels lucky to be able to have a career where she can help so many. And most of all, “Working at Adobe gives me access to world class resources—both people and products!”

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