Adobe Document Cloud: The Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

Image source: Adobe Stock / alexbrylovhk.

by Mark Greenaway

posted on 12-14-2018

My wife and I volunteered to prepare the family Christmas Eve dinner this year. We’re looking forward to preparing a Finnish dish from a recipe I photographed when I was visiting friends in Finland last summer. I just need to locate it on my phone.

Scrolling through your phone’s camera roll to find a particular photo can take a lot of time, especially if, like me, you take a lot of photos. But using Adobe Scan, with its ability to autodetect documents in a camera roll, I was able to easily resurface the photograph, upload it to Document Cloud, and convert it to an editable PDF file. I then added some tips from my Finnish friends to make the dish even better.

It’s funny to think that just a short time ago, after finding the photo, I would have emailed it to my desktop PC, and from there, sent it to the printer. Finally, I would have handwritten my edits on the printed recipe. It’s quite a time-consuming process—and, after all that work, results in a marked up sheet of paper that’s easy to lose in my recipe box.

Of course, as a work productivity tool, Adobe Document Cloud increases our efficiency at the office, too.

A season for networking

For many professionals, the holiday season creates new opportunities to network and build business connections for the coming year. That’s good news for the 41% of professionals who want to network more but can’t find the time. Whether it’s through online interactions or face-to-face meetings (preferred by 68% of entry-level professionals), networking remains an important component of today’s ever-evolving business environment. In fact, 85% of jobs are filled from networking and direct connections.

Adobe Document Cloud can propel you to the top of the networking charts. With your documents stored on the cloud, you can access them anywhere, anytime and work on them remotely—even collaboratively with your team using the tool’s shared review capabilities. Not being tied to your office or paper documents, you are free to make those important face-to-face interactions.

I can’t overstate the value of those personal connections. In fact, 72% of people say that a person’s appearance and handshake affects their lasting impression of them. Digital connections have their place, but our credibility is impacted by being able to look someone in the eye. With Document Cloud, we can access, create, and edit time-sensitive documents while still having important business conversations over lunch.

And with Adobe Scan’s ability to collect and collate business card data onto your digital platform, Document Cloud makes it easy for you capitalise on those face-to-face business conversations right away.

An office tool with a personal impact

With today’s digital tools, we can often feel as though we’re “always on.” But extending office productivity tools into our private tasks also gives us more flexibility and saves us time—a benefit that can enhance our personal lives.

With the holiday season approaching, I spent time over lunch scribbling some ideas for gifts for my parents on a napkin. Fearing I’d lose it, I scanned it with Adobe Scan and, using Document Cloud, shared it with my family as a PDF file. With all of us reviewing and sharing feedback, we quickly reached consensus on a gift. In fact, it’s already wrapped under my desk, waiting for Santa to deliver it on Christmas Day.

With Document Cloud, I can spend more time window shopping with my wife and enjoying the festive atmosphere of the streets. And this year, I’m reserving time to engage in some of the great networking events coming up during the holiday season.

What I’m really happy about, though, is never having to type another business card into my contacts list. I’ll just use Adobe Scan.

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