Capture the Holidays with Patterns

Make gift-worthy repeats for wrapping paper and more with Adobe Capture CC.

by Wren Sauer

posted on 12-20-2018

The holiday season is here, and Adobe Capture CC can help you make a unique repeat pattern for wrapping paper, cards, and gift tags in the last-minute rush. We’ll show you two quick methods to create with photos and assets you already have on hand. Try using photos of friends, family, or even your dog to make custom gift wrap with their face all over it!

Open up Capture CC and select the Patterns module. You can either select an image you have in your photo library or take an in-app photo. Select the third icon from the top to toggle pattern modes. Tap the check mark button when you’re ready to continue.

Change the rotation of your image if desired in the Edit module, then tap Save.

Want to use a shape you’ve previously made in Capture CC to create a pattern?

In your library, tap on the shape you’d like to use, then tap the Reuse button, and tap “New Pattern.”

Your shape will appear as the repeated image. Adjust the pattern style, then tap the check mark button and save.

Ready to print your pattern out? Open Photoshop CC and create a new file. We suggest size 8.5”x11” if you’d like to print it out on letter-sized paper. Open the Libraries window (can’t find it? Go to Windows > Libraries) and select your desired pattern to fill the page.

You’re ready to adorn your gifts with custom wrapping paper!

We can’t wait to see what you create. Make sure to tag your holiday patterns with #adobecapture.

Topics: Creativity, Art

Products: Photoshop, Creative Cloud