On the Road to Launch with Project Gemini

Professionals worldwide react to Adobe’s next generation drawing and painting app.

Brushmaster Kyle Webster is helping build Project Gemini.

Adobe MAX, Adobe’s annual creativity conference, took place in both Los Angeles and Yokohama this year. Creative professionals from around the globe gathered to hear about the latest products and new features, and learn how to use them. At MAX in Los Angeles, Adobe’s Chief Product Officer and EVP Scott Belsky first introduced the world to Adobe’s next generation drawing & painting application: Project Gemini.

Coming in 2019, Project Gemini is a brand new app from Adobe. Built especially for artists and focused on their needs, Project Gemini combines vector and raster brushes with favorites from Photoshop. Exclusive to Gemini, Sensei-driven Live brushes are built to simulate real media like never before. The blossoming watercolor brushes and creamy oils in Gemini blend just like the real thing.

Digital drawing has come a long way with new advances in hardware. Project Gemini is specifically tooled for pen and touch devices, bringing you the most natural experience in digital mark-making. We asked our friends Bobby Chiu, Jake Parker, and Kei Meguro about how they draw, and their thoughts on Project Gemini. Check out their reactions:

At Adobe MAX Japan, we were also excited to welcome Apple’s VP of iPad Marketing, Michael Tchao.

Michael spoke about how Apple built the new iPad Pro with creative professionals in mind. To illustrate this point, we asked popular artist Kazuharu Kina to give us a taste of what a professional could do. In just twenty minutes, Kina-san created a beautiful illustration using the Live watercolor brushes in Gemini on the new iPad Pro. Watch his timelapse:

Part of the ethos of Project Gemini is to build with community feedback. Features and tools in Project Gemini are a result from hundreds of interviews with illustrators. Want to try Project Gemini? The Adobe team is slowly adding professional artists to the pre-release, so we can incorporate feedback before launch. Sign up here to be considered.

Project Gemini is coming first to the Apple iPad in 2019 – and we know you’re as excited as we are. Stay up to date with the latest news by following Adobe Drawing on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.