Approval Adventure: Yes, Approvals Can be Fun

Image source: Adobe Stock / VadimGuzhva.

by Adobe Document Cloud Team

posted on 12-21-2018

It’s December 21st and you glance at the clock. It’s nearly time to head home for a long holiday break. As you look back at your desk, you notice the pile of documents and contracts awaiting you. Next year’s budget proposal, last-minute contracts, end-of-year financial reports—they all need to get done but they require collaboration and signatures from multiple people. It seems that the idyllic break you imagined may not happen this year. Don’t let your year end with this all-too-familiar scene.

Real pain points — real professionals

We know that as the end of the year approaches, professionals often find themselves saddled with extra paperwork regarding finance deadlines, sales targets, contracts and budgets, all of which require collaboration and approvals across departments and functions.

Although necessary, these processes can cause professionals a great deal of stress in their everyday working lives, both mentally and physically. Professionals often have to sign documents while on the go and preparing and sourcing a large number of documents can be frustrating, especially when the process does not run smoothly. In a quick question to our Twitter followers, nearly 70 percent of respondents said they were stressed or very stressed by documentation and approvals. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Introducing Approval Adventure

Using Document Cloud solutions, businesses have the tools they need at their fingertips so that contracts and documents can be reviewed, approved, and signed on time. And what better way to get acquainted with these solutions than to take an exciting Approval Adventure?

Approval Adventure is an interactive PDF game that allows you to explore the features and functions of Document Cloud in a way that’s fun and engaging. No longer does the process of approvals have to be painful. The approval adventure guides you through the entire process while following a creative journey through a document’s lifecycle.

Through the approval adventure, you are given the opportunity to test drive some of the new features, including the highlight and drawing tools. However, the magic is in the illustration of how to collaborate with others to ensure review and input from all necessary stakeholders.

The real-time comments and change tracking make sure you and your team are on the same page without missed emails or messages and miscommunication. A running history of all feedback is there for the entire team to see.

From adventure to real-life

Taking a fictional adventure and implementing these practices in real-life businesses can be two different experiences. However, parcel delivery service, Yodel, implemented its own approval adventure to streamline its business. The end of the year is the company’s peak season and much of its processes require signatures and approvals. Using Adobe Sign, Yodel is able to deliver more than 155 million parcels each year through automated sales workflows. This efficiency allows the company to do what it does best—deliver packages to waiting customers on time and without issue.

Learn more about how Document Cloud can help automate your business processes; go on your own exciting Approval Adventure and see where the possibilities can take you!

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