How to land your dream job

by Adobe Life Team

Posted on 01-03-2019

From all of us at Adobe, Happy New Year! The beginning of a new year always signals the start of new opportunities and goals. So as you’re meticulously outlining how to crush your career goals for 2019, here are our top pieces of career advice, brought to you directly from the Adobe Talent team.

Thinking about looking for a new job opportunity? Here’s what to do first.

  1. Put thought into what opportunities and goals you’re working towards, and have a strategy on how to get there.
  2. Take what you’re passionate about and reverse engineer from there. Be unapologetically ambitious and passionate about your goals.
  3. If you don’t know what to do, talk with a mentor or trusted colleague to help you think through what you’re trying to solve, and make sure you have a clear agenda of what you want to talk about.
  4. Meet as many people as you can, across all your networks, and find out how they can help you.

You have an interview coming up! Now what?

  1. Preparation is absolutely key. Be very informed about the interview panel. Check out their LinkedIn profiles and read any recent articles they may have published.
  2. Get to know the company. You can get valuable insights by listening to recent earnings calls and researching company performance.
  3. Prepare very specific questions that you couldn’t get answers to during your research.
  4. On the day-of, be authentic and don’t be afraid to show some vulnerability. Interviewers want to see your true self.

Now it’s time to develop your career. Here’s what to do next.

  1. Meet as many people as you can who can help you succeed. Establishing key relationships is important!
  2. Ask questions and always be in learning mode.
  3. Be involved and don’t hold back. Share as much as you can, speak up, and be the hardest (and smartest) working.
  4. Take feedback early so you know what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong.

We can’t wait for all the new opportunities 2019 will bring, and we hope our advice helps you get where you need to be!

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