Dell Turns to Connected TV to Expand Reach to New Audiences

by Jennifer Bartell

posted on 01-07-2019

If you’re a cord cutter, you know how easy it is to watch your favorite shows—any time you want, on any screen. While this trend has shaken up the advertising world, consumer tech giant Dell sees the disruption as an opportunity. The new world of streaming services and on-demand content allows for much more sophisticated, targeted advertising campaigns—if you have the right tools. And with one set of campaigns under its belt, Dell is already seeing an uptick in ad impressions and online sales.

Reaching new screens and new audiences

In early 2018, Dell launched Dell Cinema—a set of high-end visual, audio, and streaming capabilities—on many of its desktops and laptops. To generate awareness and drive sales, the company needed to make a big splash. Using Adobe Advertising Cloud, Dell ran integrated digital campaigns to reach people on all the different screens they use, including desktop, mobile, and Connected TVs.

By bringing Connected TVs into the mix, Dell ended up over-delivering on its impression goals and increased its reach by 2.2 percent, connecting with an entirely new audience.

Here’s how it worked. Dell zeroed in on people who were most likely to respond to the Dell Cinema campaign. By watching people’s behavior as they shopped for laptops, the company started to determine the ideal number of ads to move people closer to a purchase. Even better, Dell was able to make adjustments midstream, transferring its advertising budget to high-value audiences and channels for a greater return on investment.

What does this mean for all the cord-cutters out there?

As on-demand digital content and streaming video services continue to grow in popularity and as more people cut the cord, companies will get better at targeting their ads and catering to each person’s interests. For cord-cutters, that means more relevant ads for products you want and need. That’s valuable for companies and consumers alike.

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