POPSUGAR Increases Productivity by 38% by Transforming Contract Workflows with Adobe Sign

by Lisa Hanna

posted on 01-07-2019

POPSUGAR is a great source for pop culture news and tips on fitness, beauty, and parenting. The global media brand delivers a steady stream of on-demand content to keep its fans and followers happy—covering everything from the red carpet to the royal family.

There are a lot of moving parts behind the scenes at POPSUGAR. The company works extensively with freelancers and other external parties, which means that contracts play an important role in its business. POPSUGAR recently adopted Adobe Sign to improve its contract management workflows, increasing the productivity of employees involved with contract creation by 38% and saving 20 hours of administrative work each week.

Less work, better results

POPSUGAR wanted to transform the way it manages signatures and storage. No more paper. No more inconsistencies across departments. By integrating the Adobe e-signature and digital workflow solution with its existing contract management system, the media company achieved its goals and gained real-time visibility of contract status company wide.

“Our priority was to consolidate every step related to contract creation and create an end-to-end automated workflow,” says Bjorn Pave, Senior Director, IT at POPSUGAR. “Because Adobe Sign resides within our contract management solution, nothing leaves the system, creating the central repository for contracts we needed.”

Users across departments, including legal, finance, creative, sales, HR, and marketing, can now create contracts using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and send them off to recipients for signing. With both desktop and mobile capabilities, POPSUGAR can get signatures even from people who are traveling. Audit trails and automated alerts make it easier to check the status of a contract and keep it moving to completion.

“Adobe Sign and our contract management system transformed our contractual experience,” says Pave.

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