Take Your Digital Marketing to the Next Level in 2019 with #AdobeChat

Join our #AdobeChat to discuss how marketers can better understand and reach their audiences with a personalized experience.

Image souce: Adobe Stock / Sergey Nivens.

by Jeff Barrett

posted on 01-07-2019

It’s too early to know what will define 2019. I haven’t even broken one of my resolutions yet. The common mistake made, myself included, is focusing on the end destination, not in how to get there.

Connecting, understanding and creating with your audience is where everything starts. Whether you are new to business or in your 110th year, this is a constant. The terms, technology and touch points constantly change but if you know your audience, they will follow.

Millennial expert and influencer Chelsea Krost will kick off 2019’s schedule of #AdobeChat, January 9th, to discuss how to reach Millennials, Gen Z and your audience in general. We’ll be discussing the latest tech trends in reaching audiences, how to take the relationship offline and how to simplify the experience.

#AdobeChat is a one-hour Twitter chat Wednesdays at 12pm PT, 3PM ET, featuring guests from media, business, technology and more. Leading up to Adobe Summit, March 24-28, we’ll be interviewing the best and brightest minds to set the stage for what will change and define digital experiences in 2019.

Join us each week to interact with our guests, ask them questions, learn from them and be part of our community.

And that’s all fairly common for a tweet chat. Where #AdobeChat will be different is in interaction. The best tweets, articles and GIFs on that week’s topic will be highlighted each week during our chat and in a written roundup. You’ll be able to help shape future questions, talk directly to influencers and get first access to new and upcoming things from Adobe.

To us, community isn’t simply a buzz word. It’s how you build, grow and deliver for an audience. So, as we start by talking about connecting with audiences, we hope you’ll come be a part of ours.

Topics: Digital Transformation, Personalization