Calling All Experience Makers

Get recognized with the 2019 Adobe Experience Maker Awards for your best moves at improving customer experiences.

You and the incredible customer experiences you deliver inspire us daily. At Adobe, we’re constantly blown away by the bar-raising customer experiences emerging from Experience Cloud paired with the jaw-dropping innovation, creativity, and passion you and your teams bring to the table.

Your customers aren’t the only ones who benefit from these experiences, though. Your work drives us at Adobe to be better, too. By continuing to innovate and drive our own products forward, we’re providing you with the tools and technologies you need to keep delivering epic experiences.

All of this comes together at Adobe Summit and, this year, at our 2019 Adobe Experience Maker Awards. The 2019 awards will recognize the Experience Makers who pushed the customer experience envelope and, as a result, make us all reach further and push harder.

“These awards are unique in the industry because they focus on how brands transform their digital experiences from doing something trendy to truly coming together as an organization to deliver outstanding customer experiences,” says Nicolas Wu, product marketing manager for Adobe Target.

New categories for 2019

This year’s awards span eight categories, recognizing outstanding outcomes from individuals and teams using any Adobe Experience Cloud products.

“Using Adobe Experience Cloud, brands can optimize experiences across different touchpoints,” Nicolas says. “It’s mobile, it’s email, it’s web, it’s analytics. Every business is different and has different experiences they aim to deliver — and Adobe has a product to support them.”

The 2019 categories are:

Submit your entries for the 2019 awards now through February 14, 2019. Award recipients will be recognized in front of industry innovators and business leaders during an award ceremony at Adobe Summit — The Digital Experience Conference, which is being held on March 26-28 in Las Vegas. The awards are slated for the evening of March 25.

Tips and tricks for making your entry shine

To ensure your entry pops to the top of the pile, Nicolas offers a few tips and tricks to pulling together a strong submission:

1. Show us how Experience Cloud changed it all

“We want to hear how customers use Experience Cloud solutions to change the interaction they have with their customers,” Nicolas says. In personalization categories, for example, Nicolas and his team are looking for brands that build exceptional, personalized experiences that are relevant to their customers.

Show how you’ve done this, back up your statements with case studies, data, and social proof, and use supporting materials to bring your accomplishments to life.

2. Show us how you reimagined experiences and exceeded customer demand

Every entry is an amazing experience. To make yours truly shine, make it crystal clear that — and how — you reimagined an experience or experiences, and how that impacted your customers and your business.

“We want to see customers who rethink experiences,” Nicolas says. “We want them to look through the entire customer journey, think about what their customers want, and use the technology to create incredible experiences.”

3. Show us your innovative side

“We know that these customers are doing amazing things with Adobe Experience Cloud,” Nicolas says. “In winning submissions, though, we want to understand the complexity of the problems they’re solving so we can select the customer with the most innovative or creative solution.”

Winning entries, he notes, should have a clear statement that highlights the business issue, how the solution overcame that issue, and how this impacted the entrant’s customers and bottom line.

Adobe customers and partners can find submission guidelines and submit entries online.

We want to know how you’re a customer experience leader

Ultimately, experiences are central to everything we do at Adobe. The 2019 Adobe Experience Maker Awards is an opportunity to celebrate those who are ahead of the competition and operating at the next level — and who drive unwavering customer satisfaction, continued engagement, and a better bottom line as a result.

That’s where you come in. Show us what you’ve got, show us what you’ve done, and show us how you’ve raised the bar. We can’t wait to see it and we can’t wait to share your creativity and your successes with the entire industry.

To learn more and submit your nominations, visit the Adobe Experience Maker Awards.