From Lightroom Web to InDesign via Creative Cloud

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by Chris Converse

posted on 01-14-2019

Take your creativity from the camera to the final design with Creative Cloud files and libraries. Use the power of Creative Cloud for enterprise to review, edit, enhance your photos for use in any design project — on any device.

Edit your photos directly on the Creative Cloud website

When you log into your Creative Cloud account on, you’ll see links to download apps and view your work. The Your Work section contains everything you have saved to your Creative Cloud including documents, libraries, brushes, patterns, drawings, prototypes, and more.

In addition to assets, your Creative Cloud services include robust web applications. You can create design and video projects with Adobe Spark, and edit photography with Lightroom web.

Photos added to your Lightroom library are accessible from the desktop, mobile, and web versions of Lightroom. When accessing your Lightroom library via the web, you’ll find a myriad of editing tools that work like the desktop and mobile counterparts. This gives you the freedom to work on your photos from anywhere, at any time, on any device. The example above demonstrates adjusting the camera RAW settings on a source image through a web browser on Lightroom web.

Saving Lightroom web adjustments to Creative Cloud files

Once you have made edits to your photo in Lightroom web, you can make use of it in other Creative Cloud applications by downloading it to your Creative Cloud files.

With the photo opened in Lightroom web, click the download option in order to save a copy of the modified file. Choose a destination on your device that stores your Creative Cloud files. This location ensures that files are synchronized to all other devices and accessible on the website. Now from within InDesign, the photo can be placed into your layout.

Learn more about working with your Creative Cloud assets

Manage your Creative Cloud Libraries, open a mobile drawing with Illustrator, or share Photoshop and InDesign with your clients — with just a web browser! Creative Cloud assets give you unparalleled access for creating, sharing, and previewing all of the latest creations from your design team.

In the Work Anywhere with Creative Cloud webinar, we’ll explore the many features of Creative Cloud Assets, including how to share native design files with your clients, synchronize your creations across devices, deploy interactive prototypes, and collaborate and share final web assets with your web developers.

You’ll learn how to:

Adobe Creative Cloud e-learning series

Work Anywhere with Creative Cloud

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