To A Creatively Prosperous 2019

by The Adobe Blog team

posted on 01-22-2019

This Lunar New Year we’ve partnered with creatives from across our Asia-Pacific community to wish you all a creatively prosperous 2019. Each talented creative has crafted a unique, culturally-reflective piece of artwork designed to inspire our creative community and wish you all the success this Lunar New Year. We’ve complied all their incredible pieces into one short video below for your viewing pleasure – take a look.

May this year and those ahead be filled with big ideas, bold colours, imagination and creative good fortune!

Impressed? inspired? Eager to see more from these talented creatives? Us too. So we’ve pulled out their individual pieces, their creative process, their inspiration and creative social profiles for you below. We also have some of their AWESOME creative downloadables to share with you. Enjoy!****


A staple decoration for Chinese New Year is the Golden Pig – a money box destined to bring good fortune. Knowing that the larger the box means the larger the fortune, Hong Kong photographer Surreal wanted to manipulate a photo of an ordinary street in Hong Kong to feature a box that would bring a bus-sized amount of prosperity for the New Year. Notice how he has also played with street signs to weave in a message of creativity.

Follow Surreal’s creative process on Instagram.

Incrediville – TAIWAN

Start the New Year with this ‘incredible’ fact – daydreaming, also known as ‘mind wandering’, occupies as much as 50% of our waking time. Whilst this can be linked to the inability to concentrate on the task-at-hand or focusing on obsessive fantasies, with proper guidance it is believed that positive daydreaming, such as in Incrediville’s poster design, can benefit us with more spontaneous and vivid thoughts.

Check out Incrediville’s creative process on Instagram.


Learn the ABCs of navigating the New Year as an ABC (Australian-Born-Chinese) with Joy Li’s witty, tongue-in-cheek Chinese New Year survival guide! The outspoken and edgy designer provides a downloadable booklet that includes a comprehensive family terminology chart and guide to the best quips and comebacks to impress your elders.

Check out Joy Li’s creative process on Instagram and Download Her Guidebook Here.


Illustrator known as Pok Pok and Away, currently working at DP Architects, creates a stunning digital piece that pays homage to famous landmarks in Singapore Chinatown that have since paved the way for modern developments. Using a mixture of Adobe Sketch and Adobe Photoshop CC whilst referring to the National Archives and Google Maps, he combined classic Lunar New Year elements with the palimpsest landscape to create a dreamscape illustration inspired by films such as “Spirited Away” by Studio Ghibli and “Paprika” by Satoshi Kon.

Check out Lee Xin Li’s creative process on Instagram.

Tang Yau Hoong – MALAYSIA

Malaysian illustrator known for his ‘negative space’ aesthetic, takes his signature style and combines it with traditional Chinese aesthetics. Using a mixture of minimalist themes, surrealism and tradition, he focuses on classic Chinese architecture, a classic red colour scheme and incorporates unique textures to produce this wonderful piece. You can Download Tang Yau Hoong’s mobile wallpaper here.

Check out Tang Yau Hoong’s creative process on Instagram.

Pazut Wutigornsombatkul – THAILAND

We follow the Thai illustrator’s characters, Tuagom & Bingsu, embracing everything about the Lunar New Year – from putting up their festive decorations to celebrating with loved ones to signifying the arrival of Year of the Pig. You can Download Pazut’s wallpaper here. You can Download Pazut’s wallpaper here: Wallpaper #1 | Wallpaper #2.

Check out Pazut Wutigornsombatkul’s creative process on Instagram.

Bae Sungtae – KOREA

Korean webtoon artist brings a Snowpig into the mix for a unique take on exchanging gifts! His signature characters see in the Year of the Pig with a snowball fight, and whilst we do not recommend throwing a snowball quite so large, we’d love to see someone see in the Lunar New Year with a giant snowpig!

Check out Bae Sungtae’s creative process on Instagram.

Lim Youjin – KOREA

In Lim Youjin’s native Korea, they believe that if a pig appears in your dreams you are destined for good luck (particularly from a financial perspective). She encourages you to share her creation with your friends to bring each other good luck!

Check out Lim Youjin’s creative process on Instagram.

Meiia – CHINA

In Chinese tradition, the Lunar New Year is the perfect time to make wishes and resolutions and Chinese designer Meiia decided to turn this into an interactive game! Take the interactive HMTL5 test and receive a bespoke designed amulet with New Years well wishes! Search for ‘Adobe’ in WEChat to add the account and try it out!

Coming soon to Adobe’s WeChat channel.

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