New Year, New Productive You? Document Cloud Is the Tool for You

Image source: Adobe Stock / hakinmhan.

by Colin van Oosterhout

posted on 01-23-2019

You counted down, watched the fireworks, and clinked glasses as 2019 rolled in. The next morning, you vowed to be more productive this year than last: you’d make more time for the things you love and spend less time at the office, working or just handling the countless other to-dos that fill up your days.

It’s a great resolution—and one more of us should probably aspire to. Unfortunately, it’s also an unlikely one, at least without the right tools on your side.

Statistics show that a mere 9 percent of New Year’s resolutions pan out, with the vast majority failing by the end of January or mid-February at the latest,.

Want to make sure you don’t fall into this resolution-failing cohort? The Adobe Document Cloud is here to help.

The tools your resolution needs to succeed

Adobe Document Cloud exists to make lives easier. With tools to increase your work efficiency, improve data organization, speed up paperwork, and all in all ensure better use of your valuable and limited time, Document Cloud is your key to a more productive 2019 (as well as keeping that much-needed New Year’s resolution).

Here are three ways Document Cloud can help you make better use of your time this year.

1. Use Adobe Scan to streamline paperwork and get organized

Adobe Scan makes keeping organized a breeze. Use it to turn any handwritten note or piece of paperwork into a handy, easy-to-access digital PDF in seconds. You can even crop, adjust, and enhance your documents as necessary. The best part? Not only can Scan put your most important data at your fingertips (even on the go), but it cuts down on stressful clutter around the house and at the office. What better way to start off the new year than with a clean slate and a tidy, clutter-free space?

2. Cut out bottlenecks and make collaboration easier

With Document Cloud, version control and document collaboration become infinitely more efficient. Whether you’re working together on a big presentation or you simply need approval or feedback on an existing document, Document Cloud allows team members to review, comment on, and update collaborative documents in real time, all from their respective locations and devices. There’s never any worry about out-of-date versions, there’s no waiting on others to finish, save, or send over documents, and everyone sees the same data, at the same time, regardless of geography. In a nutshell, it’s collaboration at its finest.

3. Speed up approvals, authorizations, and contracts

Signatures are notorious for slowing down workflows. In fact, research shows that it takes an average of eight full days to secure a signature on a traditional, printed document. But with e-signature technology? It takes a mere three hours—21 times less. That means projects don’t get stuck or delayed due to slow approvals, and you can get more done, in less time overall. It’s instant efficiency, every time.

The bottom line is simple: Adobe wants to help professionals like you achieve your goals and make better use of your valuable time this year. Document Cloud, along with its powerful tools and solutions, is just one of the many ways we’re doing that. See Document Cloud in action for yourself now.

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