Calling all DMP Experts! The New Audience Manager Architect Certification Exam is Here

by Nina Caruso

posted on 01-24-2019

For today’s sophisticated marketers, leveraging a data management platform (DMP) has become a must-have resource to help fuel customer experience management. Customers of Adobe’s industry leading DMP, Adobe Audience Manager (AAM), are integrating the solution into their ad-tech and mar-tech ecosystems to centralize segmentation, inform identity management, and activate audiences across channels for maximum marketing impact.

While there is no shortage of use cases to test or ROI to achieve in Audience Manager, the “people” part of a successful audience practice is critical. Customers need vetted resources to make the most out of their Audience Manager investment. In turn, practitioners and partners need a mechanism to prove their expertise in the field.

Adobe took a step forward in tackling this challenge last March by launching the industry’s first DMP certification with the Audience Manager Business Practitioner Certification Exam. Today, Adobe expands its commitment to connecting customers to the right resources by introducing the Audience Manager Architect Certification Exam.

A certification created by the experts

Adobe was proud to partner with Deloitte, Epsilon, Perficient and Virtusa to build out this new certification. The Audience Manager Architect Certification Exam will measure capability in AAM system configuration, integration with complementary platforms, and data analysis and export solutioning. Candidates for the architect exam are expected to have three years of experience in the data management platform space.

“Customers of Audience Manager are expanding their use of the DMP to help inform and personalize customer touchpoints across all channels. More than ever, it is critical that customers and partners have a way to evaluate and measure the top talent that is tasked with ensuring that the Audience Manager investment is architected to drive success,” says Ali Bohra, director of product marketing for Adobe Audience Manager.

A badge of honor

After completion of the Audience Manager Architect Certification Exam, successful candidates receive a digitized badge that can be promoted on LinkedIn and company websites, featured in a customer pitch, mentioned in an interview, or even included in print collateral. This badge of honor demonstrates that an individual or company has the required skill sets to conceptualize, design, and realize a customer’s Audience Manager implementation and configuration. Partners and individuals now have an official way to show off their expertise as an Audience Manager architect. In turn, customers are able to easily spot the very best Audience Manager resources in the business.

“This newly launched Audience Manager Architect Exam is critical to customer success. We are excited for the opportunity our partners now have to test and showcase their technical expertise, and leverage it to win new Audience Manager business,” says Tony Sanders, senior director of Americas partner sales.

Become a certified Audience Manager Architect

The Audience Manager Architect Certification Exam will be available in February 2019. Check out the Audience Manager Architect Exam Guide to learn more about how to prepare for the exam. Sign up and become a certified expert today.

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