Adobe Teams with OneTrust for Data Privacy Day and We’re Focused on Mobile App Privacy

These days, the topic of privacy seems to be on everyone’s mind. Beyond Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), privacy is at the top of your social feed, has CEO and board-level attention, and is taking center stage like never before in California and globally. Against this backdrop, this year’s Data Privacy Day takes on a special significance. Creating awareness around respecting privacy, safeguarding data and enabling user trust are topics that deserve a bright spotlight today and every day. These issues are core to my personal values and align with Adobe’s corporate values.

A user-centric approach to privacy-by-design is what we at Adobe call experiential privacy. Not only does embracing privacy significantly improve brand loyalty, but according to recent research, it’s increasingly becoming an expectation from consumers, with 87 percent saying they will take their business elsewhere if they don’t trust a company is handling their data responsibly.

Experiential privacy becomes even more important for those companies embracing a mobile-first strategy. In my experience, the smaller the screen the bigger the privacy design challenge, especially for consent management. Regulators around the world have also identified mobile app privacy as an enforcement priority and legislative focus.

Given this landscape, we’ve been hearing from our customers and others in the privacy community that they are looking for tools to help them catalog and better understand the privacy permissions, frameworks and SDKs in their mobile apps. And, we couldn’t agree more.

In honor of Data Privacy Day, Adobe teamed with OneTrust to develop new tools and offerings that address a few of the unique privacy challenges in the mobile space. These new OneTrust tools can help marketing, legal, privacy and technology stakeholders have the conversations needed to develop a privacy-friendly, data-driven mobile experience.

Keeping with the goals of data privacy day, we hope these tools will inspire companies to take action to protect users. Here are the exciting details:

The new Mobile App Privacy Health Check from OneTrust gives companies an understanding of the privacy permissions, frameworks and SDKs that may exist on their app. Companies provide a copy of the app and receive a report, which will help privacy teams broker conversations with business units and developers about an app’s “privacy health.” The report also provides insights when developing transparency and privacy choices for users. To celebrate Data Privacy Day, OneTrust will provide early access to the Mobile App Privacy Health Check to the first 100 submissions, with broader availability at a later date.

The new OneTrust for Adobe Experience Platform Launch and Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDK integration, available soon in the Adobe Exchange for Adobe Experience Cloud App Store, will link OneTrust’s mobile app records of consent to apps using the Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDK. The integration will allow companies to record a user’s consent preferences. If a privacy preference is changed, the record will be updated in OneTrust. This integration adds a mobile component to the OneTrust for Adobe Experience Platform Launch extension announced in 2018.

At Adobe, we believe that an investment in privacy is an investment in the customer experience. We hope you will join us in marking this important day, and continuing to find innovative ways to design with privacy in mind.