Technology Sparks Creativity and Fun in the Classroom

by Francesca Lohman

posted on 01-28-2019

Research papers are a drag for most kids. Fortunately, many schools are recognizing that kids learn better when they can be creative, get hands-on with different media, and express themselves as individuals.

In Oregon, Beaverton School District is using technology to inspire its students and transform its classrooms. The proof is really in the projects themselves.

One eighth-grader, Avery, produced a stunning presentation about coral bleaching.

Seventh-grader Tashubi created a photo journal for a science project about genetics.

Last but not least, third-grader Finleigh created a glide show to show off her FinleighLoops cereal box project.

Beaverton School District knows that helping kids express themselves with greater creativity is the key to happier, more successful students. And building technical literacy also prepares them for educational and professional careers. But for students, it’s simply fun.

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