Contributor Spotlight: Jaskaran Singh Grewal

by Adobe UK Team

Posted on 02-05-2019

Meet Jaskaran Singh Grewal, one of our wonderful Adobe Stock 3D contributors. Jaskaran creates a variety of photorealistic interior design items, all optimised to look stunning in Adobe Dimension. We had the opportunity to talk to Jaskaran this week about his background, inspiration, and what led him to the exciting world of 3D.

Q: What is your background in 3D design?

A: Although my academic studies were not 3D-related, 3D design has been a hobby of mine for quite some time now. I was first exposed to it by my older brother who taught digital design at a time when 3D was still in its infancy. I used to love watching him use both 2D and 3D programmes and this helped me to pick up a few things along the way. When I finished my studies, my brother asked if I could help him and his indie team with a game development project. What started off as my brother’s passion quickly became my own. It has been five years since then and I have never looked back!

A: I used to draw a lot in my younger years, cartoons in particular. At that age, I dreamt of becoming a cartoonist later in life. As time passed, I started to notice CGI (computer-generated imagery) in movies and films that I found inspiring. When I finally got my first PC, I also became very inspired by video games. Playing these games helped me find something I truly loved and it also ended up foreshadowing my future career path.

Jaskaran Singh Grewal / Adobe Stock [230854595]

Q: What motivates you to create mostly interior design and home décor pieces? Where do you find your inspiration?

A: I love art in any form. It inspires us every day! Even something as simple as furniture can bring joy when it is placed in a well-designed room. Interior design and home décor are one of the most common yet diverse category of objects you can find. Furniture design can range from simple, minimalist pieces to intricate, ornately-carved, Victorian-era designs. This is something that I find very interesting. Modelling these types of objects quenches my curiosity – to see how they are made and to figure out how the overall patterns can be recreated in digital form.

Q: Which 3D asset are you most fond of in your Adobe Stock portfolio and why?

A: Out of all the chairs I have created (and there have been quite a few) there is one in particular that I am most fond of. The red leather wingback chair is probably my favourite of all, largely due to the fact that I am a big fan of The Matrix franchise. This chair was inspired by a similar chair that Morpheus sits in during the first movie.

Jaskaran Singh Grewal / Adobe Stock [219204189]

Q: What are some of the key points you’ve learned from 3D modelling?

A: To create a successful model, it is better to spend more time planning than modelling. If you want the model to be accurate and photorealistic, you have to pull from a lot of references and make sure to do your research before starting. In addition, if you are building a complex model, you should divide the asset into smaller, simpler chunks to make your life easier. I would also suggest starting with the basic shapes of the object and adding in details later. Then, practice, practice, and repeat!

Q: If you could offer any creative advice to an artist interested in learning 3D, what would that be?

A: It is important to start with the basics of 3D and to have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish. This will be paramount if want to you figure out which path to follow. Most of all, do not start out with the expectation that you are going to be great or successful at modelling right away. And if you ever get stuck, don’t be too hard on yourself. Take a mental break by doing something else, like talking a walk outside for example. The most important thing is to practice every day until you are able to reach your initial goal!

To learn more about Jaskaran and his work, please visit his website

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