5 Strategies to Leverage for a Winning Sales Team

by Jake Reni

posted on 02-06-2019

Sales strategies are plentiful, with no one-size-fits-all mentality. Rather than trying to fit your sales team into one methodology, by combining several strategies into a comprehensive playbook for your sales team, your salespeople are more likely to experience widespread success.

Account-based selling (ABS)

This model forms a sales team within your sales team and has your sales reps targeting multiple stakeholders. It’s more personalized, allows for customization of content through an omni-channel approach and helps build relationships with not just one, but all of the decision makers.

Automated Selling

Sales technology is changing everything. It’s allowing your sales people to be more productive and efficient while focusing the majority of their time on prospecting and selling rather than tedious non-role related tasks. E-signature tools like Adobe Sign take the back-and-forth out of contract-signing, provide error-proof workflows and give your customers a stellar end-to-end experience.

‘Move the Middle” Selling

There’s a well-used saying that states, “80% of closed sales are produced by 20% of a sales team.” By identifying these top-performers, analyzing their best practices and creating ways to get their processes out to the broader team, the middle-of-the-pack, moves to the top.

Conversational Selling

It’s no coincidence that the sales strategy that increases connection and trust and provides real-time conversation is the highest converting. Utilizing tools like real-time live chat so that website visitors can contact your sales teams to have questions answered, or automated chat bots only help to enhance the customer experience.

Social selling

Social media is for more than just sharing viral videos and cute animal photos. LinkedIn is ranked in the Top 3 most preferred communication medium between executives and sales reps. Twitter is powerfully used to establish casual connections and to share expert media during the sales process.

So why have one, when you can utilize many? When your sales team utilizes and optimizes various strategies across multiple channels, it doesn’t close any doors, just deals.

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