How Meyle+Müller Went Digital to Maximize Talent

by Stephanie Krausse

posted on 02-06-2019

When someone looks for a new job, finding an employer that pushes the boundaries of technology use is often an important consideration.

Media production firm Meyle+Müller GmbH+Co. KG has spent more than 100 years using the latest technologies to empower employees and expand its business. Today, the company is one of Germany’s premiere media service providers. With 350 employees across several subsidiaries, as well as offices in Bulgaria and Thailand, the firm is always seeking better ways to enhance internal efficiencies and modernize workflows.

Attracting talent by digitizing employment contracts

Talent is everything in media production, with a company’s success undeniably linked to the strength of its creative team. The challenge can be attracting the best talent in a market where skilled people have almost unlimited opportunities. Meyle+Müller recognized that competing for top creatives requires making every interaction with the company as smooth as possible, well before someone walks into the office on her first day.

To reduce the administrative burden on its HR employees and simplify finalizing contracts with new hires, Meyle+Müller and its subsidiary apollon introduced electronic signatures using Adobe Sign. The move from paper processes to more modern digital workflows enables the HR team to now manage all employment-related contracts through an easy-to-use Adobe Sign web interface.

“We identified employment contracts as a scenario we can very quickly transform because we don’t need to create new forms but just edit a few fields,” says Atessa-Lena Wӓchter, an HR Assistant supporting recruiting at Meyle+Müller.

Today, new hires can use their computer keyboards—or their fingers or a stylus on mobile devices—to sign contracts and get started. The streamlined, intuitive digital processes help demonstrate the firm’s commitment to innovation and offers a positive first impression.

“With an electronic contracting process, we showcase our modern corporate culture to job applicants even before they join us,” says Alice Kirstein, Executive Assistant at Meyle+Müller.

Days of work saved through fast, powerful efficiency gains

Adobe Sign was up and running within two months of the decision to deploy, and the company quickly started seeing the benefits. For example, Adobe Sign gives the HR department an easy-to-use interface to efficiently monitor contract status and automatically notify stakeholders when contracts are completed. The firm also uses Adobe Sign to manage client and vendor contracts.

“What used to take 3 or 4 days can now often be done in minutes thanks to Adobe Sign,” says Wӓchter. In addition to time saved, Meyle+Müller reduced its reliance on paper by about 20 sheets per process, decreasing its carbon footprint and better aligning with its commitment to sustainability.

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