Announcing the Analytics Rock Stars for Summit 2019!

Every year I get so excited about hosting the Analytics Rock Stars: one of the most anticipated and highly attended breakout sessions at Adobe Summit. But there’s something special in the air with the Analytics Rock Stars this year.

The Adobe Analytics team spent a lot of time on the road this year thanks to the Adobe Insider Tour. At the Insider Tour our product teams traveled to 13 cities across five countries to bring Adobe customers a ton of useful content: best practices, tips and tricks, glimpses into the road map, and more! We also wanted to give our customers a chance to present their favorite tips, so we incorporated a local Analytics Rock Star session into each stop on the tour. After each presenter finished sharing two tips, we had the audience score them, just like we do at our Analytics Rock Star session at Summit. There was one main difference — we didn’t share the winners at the individual stops. This is because we wanted to compare all of the votes across all of the cities so that we could offer the top presenters the chance to deliver their tips in Las Vegas at Summit! Well, we’ve tallied the votes and have come up with the top three presenters from the Insider Tour.

Since we couldn’t go to every city on the planet, we also wanted to give would-be Rock Stars the chance to submit tips online to keep things fair. In addition to the top three presenters from the Insider Tour, we added a fourth presenter that submitted his tips online. If I were you, I’d think of these four presenters as… a Super Group!

Audrey Salerno from, is a winner from our Insider Tour stop in Chicago.

Ben Meck from Aetna is a winner from our Insider Tour stop in New York City.

Dave Gatdula from Beyondsoft is our online winner.

Jenn Kunz from 33 Sticks is a winner from our Insider Tour stop in Atlanta.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to help each of these Rock Stars share their tips with you. I’ve personally already learned something new from each of them, and I’m sure you will too! Also, you may notice that we’ve shrunk the number of presenters from six down to four. This was thanks to your feedback from last year — we can now give each presenter more time to present and less time talking at Micro Machines commercial speeds.

I hope you’re now as excited for the Analytics Rock Star session as I am! Be sure to stop by and say hi at Session S116 on Thursday at 1 p.m.