Creator’s Horoscope – Aquarius, It’s Your Season

What a year of creativity means for you.

by Adobe Drawing and Painting Team

posted on 02-08-2019

“Start looking forward to a year of renewal and collaboration, dear Aquarius.”

There’s an eclipse cycle in the works and good news, this positively impacts your focus on new ideas. Your ruling planet, Uranus, is here to remind you that forward-thinking is vital in today’s erratic climate – there’s nothing wrong with a little rebellion against the creative-ecosystem.

Lucky for you, Aquarius, you are natural when it comes to learning new technologies (AR was like, 2 years ago) and being innovative isn’t something we “stress” over.

Creating something from start to finish is where you thrive, which is why you are the perfect Animator.

Your progressive nature allows you to have more worldly-view. You are inspired by your own creative expression, the art of motion and storytelling.

An Aquarius is a perfect balance of original and eccentric. They easily take narratives and draw them out frame by frame, masterfully blending visuals compositions with technical skills, which is ideal for commercial, video games, and film.

You are most inspired by the people around you and intellectual conversations. Nights in with the gang spark your wheelhouse, and ideating for social and environmental change is the ultimate end game.

Aquarius, no matter what you create, you do it with an original point of view. The only thing that can get in the way of your success is your tendency to be uncompromising.

This year, focus on working with others to bring ideas to life. Trust and rely on the people who play a pivotal role in your work’s success – let others feed off your energy, and let the magic come to light.

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