Top 5 Things We Learned From Celebs at Sundance to #CreateYourStory

by Lauren Friedman

posted on 02-08-2019

The role of story is crucial to any film – a short, audition tape, documentary, or feature length. Films tell spectacular stories. They make us feel, make us think, and launch us into another’s mind, and ultimately, world. It’s in these crafted experiences that people connect with stories on a deeper level.

But how do you tell your story?

At Sundance Film Festival 2019, we went right to the source and caught up with celebrities, actors, directors and artists to get their top, can’t-miss-must-have advice for emerging filmmakers.

1. Be authentic and stay true to yourself.

You have a voice and vision that is completely unique to you. Be honest to that vision and bring 110% authenticity to everything you do.

2. Believe in yourself and what you’re doing

It’s human nature to get caught up comparing yourself to the success (and failures) of others. Trust your abilities and believe in your vision and the audience will follow.

3. Perfect is the enemy

Do not be afraid to fail. Take away the pressure to be perfect and allow yourself to make mistakes, to learn what doesn’t work, and to try again.

4. Put in the time

Work really, really (really) hard. Nothing worth having comes without a lot of grit and commitment to the grind. Work for your vision and your story.

5. Being nice, goes a long way

Check any ego at the door and make others feel welcome and comfortable so that they want to create _with _you.

Eager to hear more? Watch what the experts have to say here.

But most importantly – go out and #CreateYourStory.

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