How OCBC Bank Stands Apart from Competitors with Search Optimization

by Phil Cowlishaw

posted on 02-11-2019

As wealth expands across Southeast Asia, one way for banks to stand out from competitors and capture the attention of customers with a lot of options is to get more precise with their search marketing.

The consumer banking unit of Singapore-based OCBC Bank is doing just that – optimizing paid search and media buys to reach more customers and achieve greater returns on digital marketing. Campaign by campaign, the bank has systematically measured, tested, and refined its approach to reach audiences more efficiently.

The work has paid off.

In a video campaign promoting OneWealth, OCBC Bank’s wealth management app, the bank saw a 23% boost in video completion rates with half the cost per view, saving more than S$100,000 on one million views. The difference? OCBC Bank now uses Adobe Advertising Cloud DSP to optimize campaigns based on completed views rather than viewability, making sure campaigns are reaching intended audiences.

In a paid search campaign for its travel insurance offerings, OCBC Bank boosted conversions by 25% without increasing spend. This was enabled by automated bidding and performance optimization within Adobe Advertising Cloud Search – no more manual bidding, and a lot more data to guide future decisions.

And this is just part OCBC Bank’s story as the company looks to cut through the noise online and attract new customers. The bank is also combining web analytics with customer data for better segmentation and performing multivariate testing on its website to get customers to take the next steps in accessing services. OCBC Bank’s willingness to experiment enables the bank to stay at the forefront of digital trends and position itself to ride the wave of growing wealth.

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