Valentines in Color — Free Color Fonts

Roses are red, violets are blue, we’ve got color fonts just for you!

Beginning this week, we’re partnering with Fontself to showcase the possibilities of color fonts and how they can be incorporated into designs for valentines. Starting February 11, visit our Valentine’s Color Font page to download a free color font every day for use in Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign.

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Here are the fonts you can get for free each day:

February 11: Mad Type by Adhemas Batista

The ancient Greeks called love, “the madness of the the gods,” and nothing is more fitting to describe Batista’s Mad Type Color Font. It is eccentric and bold—a mesmerizing blend of patterns and rich colors. It captures essence of love, for love can sweep you into an euphoria and can also crash you into heartbreak.

Adhemas Batista is a hybrid designer accustomed to working in different medias and is a native Brazilian now leading the design department at Deutsch Advertising in Los Angeles. Mad Type is inspired by the whimsical tale of Alice in Wonderland; it tells a lot about the human emotions and wildness of our emotions, especially when it comes to love. Batista said he went “insane making all those complex symbols” in the font—another fitting reason for why the font is called Mad Type.

February 12: Sansterdam Color by Andriy Dykun

Sansterdam Color is regal, yet playful and fun. The font is simple and expressive. It is a perfect decorative font for getting your message across. Painted in lavender and French rose pink, nothing captures the romance of Valentine’s Day than Sansterdam Color.

Andriy Dykun is an architect, and his precision and attention to detail shows through in the font. Converting lettering to a font is always challenging. With Sansterdam Color, Dykun devoted extra attention to the kerning and leading to make sure that the font is not only expressive, but also functional.

February 13: Magical Unicorn Neue Pro by Arthur Reinders Folmer

Love is magical, and what’s more magical than unicorns? Arthur Reinders Folmer created Magical Unicorn Neue Pro for people with a healthy unicorn obsession. Now you can profess your love to anyone with this cute and quirky color font. When you use Magical Unicorn Neue Pro, they will know you mean business!

Folmer started in the design field as a pre-press worker / lithographer, but he was always doing creative work on the side. After a few years, he wanted to broaden his skills, so he went to study at the Royal Academy of Art in Hague. He explored the design field and found his niche. In 2017, he launched his own type foundry, Typearture (a mashup of type, Arthur, and adventure). Folmer’s disclaimer for those downloading the font is, “Use the unicorns wisely!”

February 14: Criolla Nueva by Vanessa Zúñiga

Criolla Nueva is inspired by the visual signs and symbols of original Latin American cultures. This font demonstrates that ancient signs and symbols can be redefined in a contemporary design that evokes the fantasy, love, and joy. This font has many visual references, from the modular source to the details of the Bone font of Carga Máxima.

Vanessa Zúñiga is a designer who has been exploring motifs, typefaces, illustrations, and more from original Latin American cultures for more than 10 years. Through her morphological analysis of visual designs, she demonstrates how we can generate our own resources that contribute to the enrichment of Latin America’s visual identity.

February 15: Coba by Joshua Krecioch

Nothing is more romantic than red roses for Valentine’s Day. This sans serif color typeface is bold and fun. Red roses are accented by dark, lush foliage, and it is a perfect way to add a little edge to your headlines.

Joshua Krecioch is a designer based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is known for his extraordinary lettering that begins life as inked drawings that are translated to Bézier curves in Illustrator. His meticulous attention to detail is well known throughout his portfolio. Coba is just one example of Krecioch’s rich, creative portfolio.