What it Takes to Succeed in Technology and the Media & Entertainment Industry

by Karen McCavitt

posted on 02-11-2019

To jumpstart a career in today’s job market, having hands-on, real-world skills straight out of college is essential. That’s the approach at Full Sail University, where students prepare for industry careers by working on projects they might actually encounter in technology or media and entertainment—and by using tools the pros use.

The students in the Graphic Design and Digital Arts & Design degree programs are a great example. They’re mocking up apps that solve challenges in the real world. It’s a terrific way to grasp the fundamentals of branding, marketing, and UI/UX while building a professional portfolio.

For example, one student had an idea for a potty-training app that would make the experience a little easier and more enjoyable for both kids and parents. For the app’s younger users, the student mocked up a simple interface with bright colors and fun visual elements as rewards for using the potty. And for parents, the student created a separate interface featuring charts and calendars to track progress. She created the prototypes in Adobe XD, which meant she didn’t need to have programming skills to bring her vision to life.

Even development students are using Adobe XD to prototype ideas for their capstone portfolios. A working prototype provides a fresh perspective on the value of design and usability in an app. And it gives students the confidence to stand in front of a client to pitch an idea—a skill that makes them more marketable.

Full Sail University can continue to keep students on the cutting edge of design and digital arts with its Creative Cloud for enterprise license. In addition to easily managing licenses for faculty and students using Named User Licensing through the Adobe Admin Console, the university can give everyone access to the latest app versions. That means students graduate with the most up-to-date knowledge and experience to launch their careers.

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