Say It With Feeling: Handwriting Fonts for the Extra-Special and the Everyday

Scribes of Yore font pack artwork by Anna Eshelman.

by Sally Kerrigan

posted on 02-12-2019

The classic use for delicate calligraphy is when you’re spilling your heart out in a love letter, or perhaps prepping a Valentine’s Day-themed menu, or annotating a wedding photo album. But you’ve probably seen handwriting fonts in more places than you think, and it isn’t always about adding a sentimental flourish.

Handwriting fonts from the Casual Lettering Looks pack. Artwork by Anna Eshelman.

We’ve released two font packs today that feature two very different categories of handwriting fonts: Scribes of Yore for those dress-up occasions, and Casual Lettering Looks for the fonts you want to hang out with on a Saturday. We think you’ll find all kinds of reasons to use both.

Where to begin? A quick browse through some Adobe Stock templates presents a bunch of ideas for projects that the Casual Lettering Looks font pack would be great for.

Spread the word about your brand

Get an upbeat tone for your social media campaigns from Stock’s Social Media Layouts with Hand Drawn Elements template. Our font pack will get you everything you need to add your own text.

Handwriting fonts like Buckley feel friendly and personal, like a neighbor or local shopkeep who always seems happy to see you. This will perk up your social feeds in a snap. Start with this Stock template and just add in your own text to make it yours.

Make custom notecards

Mimic this look by activating the Casual Lettering Looks font pack, then downloading the Stock template (6 Greeting Card Layouts with Cactus Illustrations) to grab the artwork. Chantal is the default font, but you can also replace this with other fonts from the pack.

I used this Stock template to get the background art here, and then swapped in a few fonts from the Casual Lettering pack (from left to right: Trailmade, Adobe Handwriting Tiffany, and Goodlife) to get a totally customized look on these. Bonus: if you’re allergic to mushy valentines but need to get a classroom worth of them sorted, this template makes a great go-to.

Make a pro-level poster

Make a bold splash with the Event Poster Layout template from Stock and some of our more expressive handwriting fonts.

Flood commands attention with its big dramatic brushstrokes, and it’s included with the Adobe Stock template I used for this example. I paired this with Adobe Handwriting Tiffany, which is relatively undecorated for a handwriting font and especially so when it’s next to Flood, so the result isn’t a sensory overload. Courier also works well as a pairing font here, and while it definitely has its own strong personality, the fact that it isn’t a third handwriting font (which might be a bit much for the same composition) helps the whole piece feel cohesive.

All the fonts in these packs are part of the Adobe Fonts collection (of thousands!) that’s included with Creative Cloud subscriptions, so if you’re logged in you can simply activate the whole pack and begin trying them out.

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