Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, We’ve Got a New Puppet for You!

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Character Animator Team.

Investigative reporter and clay dinosaur, Barbarasaurus, has all the latest news for Valentine’s Day and beyond! She comes with news graphics, headline ticker, backgrounds and props. She also has blink, wink, and flutter triggers as well as a tail wag and arm poses. Dino-mite!

Designed by the extraordinary Dovid Taub, this puppet was created using modeling clay, photographed, and then pieced together in Photoshop. The backgrounds and news desk were drawn on paper in pen, colored pencil and watercolor, then cut out and set up like a diorama and photographed. You can download Barbarasaurus here.

Dovid is a writer, illustrator, puppeteer, and video editor as well as the Founder and Creative Director at Shmideo. He shares, “As a kid, I always thought I’d be an animator, but the distance between idea and finished product was often overwhelming. I discovered puppetry in my 20’s and was drawn to the spontaneity. I loved that you could pick up a puppet and instantly bring it to life.” Check out more of his work at

He is also the creator of the Dr. Applesmith puppet (available for free and located in the Character Animator Start workspace). Regarding puppets, Dovid says, “As a sort of side-effect of working with puppets, I’ve come to really appreciate tactile, physical media, things you can touch and feel. Clay characters like Dr. Applesmith and now Barbarasaurus allow us to bring some of that tangible quality to Character Animator. What I love about Character Animator is that it gives you the versatility and control of animation, mixed with the spontaneity of puppetry.”

We can’t wait to see who will be the first to animate Barbarasaurus interviewing Dr. Applesmith. Just imagine the sensational headlines from a dinosaur’s perspective! “Vegetarians: Should you be eating them?” or “Asteroids!!!! Are they real?”

Animators, you make our hearts saur! Happy Valentine’s Day! Okay Samurai and Dovid Taub have created this fantastic video to tell you more about this puppet.

Download the Barbarasaurus puppet here.

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