Adobe celebrates 19 years on Fortune’s list of 100 best companies to work for

Today marks Adobe’s 19th year on Fortune Magazine’s list of 100 Best Companies to Work For, and we could not be more honored. This year Adobe came in at no. 22, up 4 spots from last year. And, of the top 19 information technology companies listed this year, Adobe was no. 5.

We’re so proud that our company’s impactful history and genuine employees have been highlighted on this prestigious list over the past 19 years.Since Adobe’s inception, we’ve transformed repeatedly — whether it was from applications to suites, our successful pivot to a cloud-based business model or the categories in creativity, documents and marketing that we continue to lead and shape. We serve a huge and diverse set of customers — from individuals to Fortune 500 enterprises. And through it all, our dedicated employees are to thank for our success. Being named to Fortune’s list of 100 Best Companies is another reminder that we have a great brand, culture and base of employees that consistently make Adobe a great place to work.

Our employees are mentors, parents, athletes, researchers, artists, and much more. They all make Adobe the company it is, and we’re proud to not only have incredible employees who bring their A-game to work every day — but wonderful people with great hearts and minds focused on making a big impact.

You can ask anyone at Adobe, and they’ll tell you that when you join our community, you’ll work with world-class:

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