Announcing the 4th Annual Adobe Government Creativity Awards

by Adobe Government Communications Team

posted on 02-14-2019

Apply to this year’s AGCA’s here.

Adobe is now taking submissions for the fourth annual Adobe Government Creativity Awards (AGCA) for 2019.

Every year, the AGCA recognizes and honors those in government who are supporting their organization’s mission through creativity and design.

Last year, the competition received nearly 500 entries from eight countries. Entries ranged in mission—from improving citizen self-services and health wellness projects, rebranding the agency through digital design and photography, and personalization and design of government websites and mobile apps.

Creatives solve challenges throughout government using the power of design and technology every day. The AGCA is an effort to recognize the work done by creatives with the help of Adobe Creative Cloud for the benefit of communities around the world and to make internal government operations run more efficiently.

Entries can be made on the AGCA website until May 31, 2019.

Why participate

AGCA is the premier digital media competition for government professionals.

When you submit a project for the AGCA, you’ll get:

How it works

The competition is divided into three segments focused on Visual Communications, Interactive Design, and Multi-Channel Campaigns and Service Delivery, with specific categories within each segment.

Keep in mind: You can only submit the same project in one category, but you can submit up to three (3) different entries per category.

1. Visual communication

Photographs, graphic design, data visualization or video. This could be, for example, a brochure of a park exhibit.

2. Interactive design

Projects designed to be viewed through a browser on a computer, tablet, mobile device or interactive kiosk.

3. Multi-Channel campaigns and service delivery

Projects that target audiences across various channels (social, online, offline, print, in person signage, videos, events, etc.). In the example of the park exhibit brochure, the signage and social elements of the same exhibit could be entered into this category.

Learn more about the categories.

How to submit a project

There’s one thing all winning projects have in common: the design makes life easier for employees and the people they serve.

And they present a clear, compelling story using text and images—showcasing that purpose.

That story delineates a real challenge that citizens face, the process you and/or your team took to address that challenge, and how it helped bring a solution using digital means.

All the project submissions are judged by a panel of expert industry judges.

Projects are scored based on the following:

Here are a few more tips on crafting a winning submission:

Submit a project today with 3 easy steps

You can start submitting your project today—and update it on file before the end of the contest on May 31, 2019.

Go to and click “Submit Project” under the “Menu” tab.

Winners will be announced no later than August 2019.

Check out winners from last year or view the virtual gallery.

Read stories of last year’s AGCA designers in the Adobe Creating Impact series.

Get connected with the AGCA community on Slack and start connecting with like-minded public sector creatives.

Interested in volunteering as an industry expert judge? Please email

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