The Experience Revolution Is Finally Coming To Healthcare

by Jack Hersey and Chris Sakalosky

posted on 02-15-2019

Today’s consumers enjoy an unprecedented level of personalization and seamlessness in their interactions with brands — and the latest data technologies are part of the reason why. But one industry has yet to reap the full rewards of this digital revolution: Healthcare.

Our two companies — Adobe and Microsoft — intend to change that.

At the 2019 HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition in Orlando we showcased a set of innovative new tools for optimizing and streamlining the patient-provider experience, as part of a broad partnership between our companies.

In healthcare, our partnership combines the industry-leading capabilities of Adobe Experience Manager with the efficiency, intelligence, and security of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to bring the latest in information technology to the world of healthcare.

At the healthcare industry’s top technology conference, HIMSS19 offered a unique opportunity to give providers, administrators, political leaders, and fellow tech firms a glimpse at healthcare’s data-driven future.

What does that future look like?

For starters, Adobe and Microsoft’s suite of solutions aim to synthesize patient health records, billing information, and scheduling software into a single, comprehensive system — eliminating the inefficiencies and confusions that arise from existing healthcare platforms. Just as important, the new system will enable HIPAA compliance, ensuring that patient health information meets the U.S. federal government’s strictest standards for privacy and security.

The result will be the kind of frictionless consumer experience that is found in other industries.

For patients, this means that each new doctor they visit will have greater access to health records in a safe and secure way, with no need to track down old charts and test results. Doctors, meanwhile, will be saved much of the guesswork involved when working from incomplete patient information.

Our ultimate goal is to promote deeper, more productive provider-patient relationships. Armed with the same tools currently used by top consumer brands, hospitals and doctor’s offices will be able to execute personalized digital campaigns that keep patients engaged, informed, and healthy.

Adobe and Microsoft have a common vision for the future of healthcare. It’s one in which the data, AI, and cloud technologies will help deepen the provider-patient relationship for better health outcomes. Working together, Adobe and Microsoft aim to make that vision into a reality.

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