Work Doesn’t Take Vacations (But You Can)

With Acrobat DC you can vacation like a boss, without ever missing a professional beat.

by Adobe Document Cloud Team

posted on 02-15-2019

The sun is shining. The water is calling your name. It’s Friday, and you’ve finally taken a well-deserved day to treat yourself to a little R&R. You’re ready to kick it poolside and jumpstart the weekend when you hear it — ping!

That’s the sound of a staycation ruined.

The problem: A proposal that was tucked in when you left needs to be signed off on and sent before you can kick off your time off. And it needs to be sent now.

It’s no consolation, but you’re definitely not alone. The majority of Americans work even when they’re off. We get it. You’re always on your A-game and you always keep things moving forward, even when you’re taking some well-deserved time off. You don’t want to leave anyone hanging — but that doesn’t mean you have to kiss your long weekend goodbye. With Adobe Acrobat DC, it’s easier than ever to keep on top of every coming-in-hot project with ease, while ensuring you get back to your time off that much faster.

That’s how you work — and weekend — like a boss.

When it comes to keeping pace with workplace demands, you can enjoy quality time away from the office and still never miss a beat. If a new proposal request crosses your desk after you’ve left for a day off — or if the project that seemed calm and cool somehow erupts in your inbox — don’t jump out of your deck chair. Manage it poolside. Here’s how:

Step 1: Scan your draft proposal

Whip out your proposal hard copy, then open Adobe Scan which instantly turns your device into a mobile scanner. With one click, scan your draft proposal and convert it to an editable PDF.

Step 2: Make requested edits

If you’ve got a few final edits kicking around via email, make them quickly — with Acrobat Pro DC you can edit text fields right in the PDF.

With these final changes made, it’s now ready to finalize and send.

Step 3: Sign and send

Use Adobe Sign inside of Acrobat DC and your finger to sign your name or tap in a digital signature. So simple, yet so official. Again, total boss move.

The best part: when you’re done, you can forget about work. Seriously — now there’s no need to constantly check in. Acrobat DC has you covered with updates to mark when documents are received, when comments or edits are made, and when you get that all-important easy-to-create-and-legally-binding digital sign off.

Step 4: Grab a drink, boss

Resume your weekend. Toast your total boss-ness with a drink — ideally one with a little umbrella. Possibly served in a coconut. You’ve earned it.

Adobe Acrobat DC’s comprehensive features boost your efficiency and give you back your “me time.” Whether you’re on the beach or in the boardroom, it’s time to do business like a boss.

Enjoy your time off again. Download Adobe Scan and your trial of Adobe Document Cloud.

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