For The Global Fund’s Life-Saving Grants, Saving Time is Critical

by Stephanie Krausse

posted on 02-18-2019

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has saved 27 million lives since 2002. Yet still more lives hang in the balance, and there is an urgent need for funding in many communities.

That’s why the Global Fund is finding ways to get faster and more efficient, helping funds flow more quickly to the communities that need it. One way the organization is tackling this goal is by going paperless and using Adobe Sign to transform the way it handles important documents.

The promise of a paperless office

Picture an assistant rushing between offices to get sign-off on a pressing grant agreement, only to find that a key executive is away for the next two weeks. Or sending an agreement to Ghana for signatures and waiting for six weeks before receiving a response.

Going paperless has changed all that for the Global Fund. Executives can review and sign documents wherever they are—which is important because 20% of them are traveling on any given day. A grant agreement that goes to Ghana gets turned around up to 75% faster, in less than 10 days.

Getting these agreements signed faster means communities can support those in need sooner with life-saving measures such as distributing mosquito nets, testing people for tuberculosis, and administering AIDS antiretroviral therapy.

Supporting the people who support the funding

A lot of efficiency comes from integrating Adobe Sign with the organization’s Salesforce CRM and Oracle E-Business Suite Financial Management systems, which keeps everything from grant agreements to procurement RFPs in one place. The paperless office also helps the Global Fund recruit new talent to join its cause, streamlining the interview process by making it easy for multiple people to collaborate and sign off on evaluations in 80% less time.

For the Global Fund, going paperless is more than an efficiency initiative. It’s a way to reach communities faster and better support local programs in fighting the world’s most devastating epidemics.

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