Cloud Agility with Adobe Experience Manager Drives Faster Business Innovations

by Natasha Mayekar

posted on 02-21-2019

Companies are increasingly turning to cloud technology to support business agility and accelerate innovation to the marketplace, as traditional software architecture no longer meets the needs of modern marketing and IT departments. With the latest release of Adobe Experience Manager, Cloud Manager empowers both marketing and IT teams to embrace business transformation and stay on top of innovations.

Introducing Cloud Manager for Adobe Experience Manager

Cloud Manager provides the first generation of cloud-native functionality available for Adobe Experience Manager to give marketers and IT developers the tools they need to do more. As marketers request content updates that resonate with end user needs, IT teams now have the means to shorten development cycles through best-in-class tools including a CI/CD pipeline with quality gate checks, autoscaling, and API connectivity. Code quality checks, based on Adobe Engineering’s best practices, are now conducted as a part of any new deployment. These capabilities alleviate pressure on IT teams by automatically conducting code checks each time a new code release is scheduled, ensuring code can quickly move to production without compromising quality or security.

Beyond Code Deployments

Autoscaling within Cloud Manager gives businesses the capability to operate at scale. For example, if a retail store experiences high user traffic due to an unexpected event, autoscaling will support IT teams in providing a positive experience to end users without impacting performance. Additionally, the Cloud Manager API available through Adobe I/O allows for connectivity to both external systems and other Adobe Experience Cloud products, allowing IT teams to integrate custom processes into Cloud Manager’s Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline.

Upcoming Features

IT developers can implement Adobe Experience Manager updates and simplify environment management through new cloud-native functionality released each month. As part of Cloud Manager’s monthly release cycle, new cloud-native functionality coming in May will offer frictionless upgrades. This feature leverages a blue-green upgrade method through a wizard-driven process to help make the Adobe Experience Manager version upgrade process more efficient than ever. This significantly benefits IT teams that want to upgrade to the latest Adobe Experience Manager version without impacting current production operations.

Cloud agility is necessary to speed business innovations, which is of value for both marketers and IT professionals alike. Cloud Manager for Adobe Experience Manager provides IP-differentiated capabilities to accelerate time to market.

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