Elina Zolotareva’s Wild Bohemian Style

Photographer and stylist Elina Zolotareva left her graphic design job in the city and headed for the islands. Now, as a photographer, designer, and Adobe Stock contributor, Elina creates dreamy, bohemian images with a wild, natural vibe.

Adobe Stock: Hi, Elina! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your creative background?

Elina Zolotarva: I have a musical and art education. I used to be a graphic designer in a design studio in St. Petersburg, Russia. About five years ago, my husband and I moved to Koh Phangan Island in Thailand. We were tired of office work, short vacations, and predictable life, so we decided to take a shot and try something new.

My creativity is inspired by our style of life on the island. Sunsets, sunrises, uninhabited beaches, bonfires under the stars at night, nature all around, jungles full of life, rainy seasons and hot seasons, meetings with friends, unusual creative people, new places and impressions… It’s immensely inspiring for my work. I would never want to live in a city again.

Image source: zolotareva_elina / Adobe Stock

AS: How would you describe your style?

EZ: My aesthetic is about freedom and beauty, femininity and depth. My favorite styles are boho with a lot of nature mixed in. I’m happy that this style is trending now.

Image source: zolotareva_elina / Adobe Stock

AS: What do you do to get things just right with your models, settings, and costumes?

EZ: When I meet an interesting girl, I immediately begin to think about what would be suitable for her and in what kind of look I can show her. Sometimes I make up ideas for a shot and I wait (sometimes for years) for the right person and conditions.

I make many of the accessories for my photographs with my own hands. This is a real challenge in a place where it’s hard to find the right materials. I love to rummage on the beach in search of interesting things. I give a lot of attention to the details because this is my passion. Everything should be harmonious and high quality.

Image source: zolotareva_elina / Adobe Stock

AS: Which Adobe products do you use in your work?

EZ: I use Photoshop. My favourite tool is Camera Raw. It is great to have the ability to make wild and crazy corrections without messing up the file.

AS: What are the biggest challenges and rewards of working with stock?

EZ: The biggest challenge is to guess which topics will be successful. I am a deeply creative person and very far from serious analysis. Honestly, I can never guess which project will sell successfully, so I just do what I love the way I want to do it. The biggest reward is regular income and no link to one place.

Image source: zolotareva_elina / Adobe Stock

AS: What are your predictions for visual trends?

EZ: I hope that the trend is moving toward bright, saturated colour. The world is so colourful and diverse! I hope many people will come to the same conclusion.

AS: What practical tip would you give to other artists hoping to succeed in the stock world?

EZ: Focus on video.

AS: What’s the most interesting or surprising way you’ve ever seen your work used?

EZ: Someone used my own face as a tattoo on someone’s hand. I saw it on the Internet. I still do not know what to make of this!****

Image source: zolotareva_elina / Adobe Stock

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