Control Multiple XD Artboards with Nested Symbols

Design by Codify Design Studio.

by Chris Converse

posted on 02-22-2019

Symbols provide an excellent way to create reusable artwork and text that can be applied multiple times across artboards in your project. However, did you know that symbols can be placed inside of other symbols? This nesting technique can be used to create layouts that can be applied and modified across a series of artboards.

Creating symbols in XD

Any element in XD, including images, text, or artwork, can be converted into a symbol to be used throughout your project. To create a symbol, simply select the item(s) you’d like to be able to reuse, go to the Object menu and select Make Symbol.

Once you have some symbols created, select and convert them to a new symbol. This new symbol will contain the symbols that were previously created, thus making them nested symbols.

Nested symbols retain their layout properties, both in relation to each other and the original artboard they appeared on. The layout symbol (containing the nested symbols) can now be used as a template.

Update multiple artboard layouts from a single symbol

The layout symbol can now be placed across multiple artboards within the XD project to ensure a consistent layout throughout the student gallery.

With this structure in place, changes made to the layout symbol are immediately applied to every instance of that symbol. It is worth noting that images and text can be customized across instances of the symbol, or nested symbols. In the example above, each artboard uses a different photo while maintaining other attributes of the layout symbol.

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